NewsChile investigates hacking of emails from the military leadership

Chile investigates hacking of emails from the military leadership

The Chilean government ordered an investigation into a “security flaw” detected in the emails of the military leadership, and therefore ordered the urgent return of the defense minister, who was in the United States.

The Ministry of National Defense said on Wednesday night that due to “the security flaw in the emails of the Joint Chiefs of Staff”, President Gabriel Boric instructed the return of Minister Maya Fernández, who was accompanying him on an official trip on the occasion of the UN General Assembly in New York, “to lead the response to these events”.

“The government has ordered an administrative summary to determine the corresponding responsibilities. Additionally, the records have been made available to the military justice to give rise to criminal investigation,” added the brief press release.

Fernández was going to participate on Wednesday in a tribute that the Chilean government organized for his grandfather, the deposed socialist president Salvador Allende (1970-1973), for the 50th anniversary of his participation in the United Nations Assembly, but he had to return to Chile after learning of the hack.

According to the newspaper El Mercurio , the information about the hack was disseminated on platforms that disclose the activities of electronic pirates.

In them, the group identified as “Guacamaya” would have disclosed confidential documents of the Chilean Defense that would cover about five years, in the first of several revelations that would come to Latin American governments.

According to this medium, among the files released there would be some related to the events that occurred after the massive social demonstrations that broke out in Chile on October 18, 2019, which lasted for several weeks and resulted in thirty deaths.

Several reports from international organizations reported human rights violations by police officers and also the Armed Forces, who collaborated in security tasks for nine days in which the government of then President Sebastián Piñera decreed a state of emergency. .

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