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China inaugurates world's longest single-tower suspension bridge

A record-breaking bridge in southwestern China passed a vital load test a few days ago, according to a report by the South China Morning Post. During the test, trucks carrying up to 1,280 tons of cargo continuously went back and forth over the Luzhijiang Bridge in Yunnan Province to test its strength. There was no problem.

This project, despite the covid-19 pandemic, was able to continue construction thanks to the use of construction robots. The 800-meter-long bridge is being built to improve the connection between China and Southeast Asia. It will drastically reduce the travel time between the cities of Yuxi and Chuxiong from one and a half hours to just two minutes.

But not only is it impressive for holding the record for being the world’s longest single-tower suspension bridge , but the valley cliffs from which it rises are just as spectacular.

Drivers, with a speed limit of 100 miles per hour , will drive straight out of the tunnels onto the 300-meter-high bridge from either side. The steel cables used for the suspension bridge had to be secured by drilling a 100 meter tunnel as an anchor.

The bridge will also form part of a new 200 km expressway through Yunnan that will improve access to countries such as Myanmar, Vietnam and Laos. The expressway is part of the country’s Belt and Road initiative, which is designed to improve connections with 140 other countries.

Construction of the bridge began in 2019 , and engineers were reportedly able to continue working through the pandemic and finish the project within three years, thanks to the help of construction robots.

Reference: South China Morning Post

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