NewsChristmas market in Fulda despite Corona? SPD pleads for...

Christmas market in Fulda despite Corona? SPD pleads for rejection

Fulda is still sticking to the Christmas market, explains the city. The market is to be opened on Friday without an official celebration – but with a hygiene concept.

Fulda – The magistrate of the city of Fulda * asks for your understanding. But a “classic big opening ceremony for the Christmas market” has to be avoided this year due to the corona. If you look beyond the borders of the baroque city, one city after the other cancels its Christmas market due to the increasing Corona * numbers.
What politicians from Fulda think of the fact that the Christmas market should take place, reveals *.

The former mayor candidate and chairman of the SPD parliamentary group, Jonathan Wulff, would cancel the Christmas market – but at the same time he sees the difficult decision that the city of Fulda is facing. “There are moments when I’m glad I didn’t win the election. A few weeks ago I would probably have said that the Christmas market should take place. ”Today, however, Wulff thinks differently:“ You should have known earlier that the Christmas market couldn’t just go through. ”At the same time, everyone wanted to return to normal. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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