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Circular mail on the day of the rampage in Heidelberg: Students raise serious allegations against the university

After the killing spree at the University of Heidelberg, students are now accusing the university management of misconduct. A circular email causes great irritation.

Heidelberg – You would have knowingly endangered the lives of the students. Students at the University of Education (PH) accuse those responsible of this. Their lecture halls are in the immediate vicinity of the scene of the events, where a killing spree took place on January 24th. At the biological faculty of the University of Heidelberg, a perpetrator shot around in a lecture hall. One student died and three others were injured. The perpetrator shot himself a short time later. How did the serious allegations against the university administration come about?

After the killing spree in Heidelberg: students raise allegations about the circular mail from the university management

The reason for the allegations is a circular email that the university management sent to the students on the day of the incident. “Such a message from a teacher training college that trains future teachers and educators is an impertinence,” explained a student to heidelberg24* . The e-mail is available to the editors.

In it, the rector explains that a police operation* is currently taking place on campus. However, the building of the teacher training college is not affected. Students can therefore continue to reach the building by bike or on foot. The circular mail was sent out at 2 p.m. when the police operation was in full swing. Officials received the first emergency calls shortly after 12 p.m. Above all, the timing seems to annoy the students. At 2 p.m., according to the allegation, the officers are said to have just been looking for a suspected second perpetrator. At around 3:15 p.m., the official all-clear came: the man was a lone perpetrator.

Hier fand am 24. Januar der Amoklauf statt. Nun erheben Studierende einer nahe gelegenen Fakultät schwere Vorwürfe.


This is where the killing spree took place on January 24th. Now students from a nearby faculty are making serious allegations against the university.

After the killing spree in Heidelberg: The university reacts to the allegations

Are the students’ allegations justified? Verena Loos, spokeswoman for the PH, said that she had previously spoken to the Heidelberg-Nord police station. Their assessment of the situation was communicated in the circular mail. In addition, the location was initially closed before the consultation. Only when, according to the police, there was no longer any danger was the circular mail sent. The statements were confirmed by the police headquarters in Mannheim, according to the news site.

Nevertheless, there is criticism. Above all, the time and content of the mail are further criticized. In view of the fact that a victim had just died, the operation on campus should have been a minor matter. “Definitely not a highlight of the rectorate,” a student is quoted as saying. The university management writes: “Our sympathy and solidarity goes to the relatives and friends of the killed student, the injured and the students who took part in the affected tutorial, but also to all other members of Heidelberg University.”

Rampage in Heidelberg: What’s next at the university?

All those affected at the university in Baden-Württemberg* must first process the event. The Dean of Biosciences, Joachim Wittbrodt, at whose institute the killing spree took place, describes the situation to SWR . You have to find ways to process what happened, said the dean. He plans to work with professionals. The police had also advised those affected to seek psychological care after the incident.

The Dean does not see further security measures as a solution. A “security campus” such as that in the USA is not a solution. “Things happen there too. And I think our first goal is not to put up the fences, but our first goal is to be open and alert and to recognize signs.” Even if you can’t always recognize them. (chd) *heidelberg24 and are offers from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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