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Circulatory problems in the heat: These foods increase blood pressure

Created: 08/05/2022 09:43 am

Many people have health problems in the summer. With a few tips and certain foods, you can prevent circulatory problems.

Frankfurt – It’s hot in Germany. The current heat wave is causing temperatures well over 30 degrees these days. The heat can take a toll on your health. For many people, the summer weather tries circulatory problems with malaise, dizziness, tiredness, weakness or even fainting spells. The health problems come, among other things, from the strong fluctuations in air pressure and temperature.

Blood pressure can fall particularly easily in the heat of summer, as the blood vessels in the body dilate to release excess heat. Circulatory problems can be prevented with a few tips and home remedies, such as avoiding the sun and making up for lost fluids in the heat with plenty of fluids. But the consumption of certain foods can also get the circulation going again.

Severe headache and dizziness? This may indicate sunstroke. A crimson, hot head is also a sign. © Christin Klose/dpa-tmn

Preventing circulatory problems in summer: eat fresh fruit and vegetables

When it is hot in summer, hearty meals and large portions should be avoided. Instead, experts from the health insurance company AOK recommend eating light food. Fresh fruit and vegetables with a high water content such as watermelons, strawberries, grapes, cucumbers or tomatoes should always be the first choice when the temperature is high. This is because the body absorbs additional liquid and the digestion is not put under too much strain.

It is also recommended to eat several small meals and finger food throughout the day in summer. This prevents ravenous hunger and the consumption of large portions as well as the subsequent feeling of fullness. Avoiding hot food when it is hot can also help prevent circulatory problems. Instead, cold or lukewarm dishes such as salads, cold vegetable soups or bowls are recommended. However, ice-cold food and drinks from the refrigerator should be avoided when it is hot, as they can increase the perception of heat.

Heat in summer: Certain foods can help with circulatory problems

According to experts, herbal remedies with camphor, hawthorn or menthol can also help to raise blood pressure. The tip: Put a few drops on a piece of sugar and swallow the whole thing, which will help your blood pressure and thus stabilize your circulation.

Those affected who are already struggling with low blood pressure and the associated circulatory problems should eat something salty and drink enough. This raises blood pressure slightly, which can be particularly helpful in the heat of summer. “One should drink half a liter of water in five to ten minutes. In this way, the blood pressure can be stabilized for about an hour,” advises cardiologist Professor Wolfgang von Scheidt, head of the first medical clinic at the Augsburg Clinic, in an article in Apotheken Umschau. (Helena Gries)

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