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Citibanamex promotes inclusion and diversity from the heart of the business

Companies must be consistent when addressing the issues of inclusion, diversity and equity among their employees and clients, said Cristina Rohde, CEO of Citibanamex Seguros.

“We cannot serve clients and communities if from the inside there is not an inclusive environment and a diverse environment. The first thing is respect, at Citibanamex we have zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind”, Rohde stressed during his speech in the panel “Inclusion: it is desirable and it pays off”, within the framework of Inter.Mx Expansión Summit 2022.

He explained that the financial institution he represents strictly follows this type of policy so that this culture is permeated from senior management positions, since the most important thing is that people adapt it and live internally with conviction.

On a global scale, Citi promotes programs that support the talent of women and promote gender diversity through the LGBTQ+ network, as well as people with different abilities and of different races, ages and nationalities.

“This is what has allowed us to create networking with our clients, collaborators and companies with which we interact not only in Mexico, but internationally,” said the director.

However, he said that education is key to continue advancing on these issues in the country and that it is naturally integrated into the DNA of companies, so that it is not surprising to learn that they are inclusive and promote diversity among stakeholders .

“The other layer to normalize these issues and that being inclusive and diverse is not news has to do with education and that is the key. Today not all women have the same opportunities from an early age (…) These unconscious biases stop opportunities because whoever is best prepared is the one who is going to have these opportunities”, she stressed.

That is why, he continued, that the idea that education is equal for all should be reinforced from childhood and thus generate opportunities and a principle of equality, because the problem is that “the floor is not equal” for all.

Cristina Rohde stressed that to understand the importance of inclusion and diversity you have to live, to then generate a change and make a difference. For example, she said that not only women should participate in a Women’s Council, but also men, because the task belongs to everyone.

“With small actions, progress is made,” he added. She then said that the controversial gender quota to increase the participation of women in companies could be a good starting point.

“To the extent that we better understand the different experiences and groups, we can make a change and gradually permeate the different layers of employees,” concluded the general director of Citibanamex Seguros.

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