FunClear things and thick chocolate, what does this phrase...

Clear things and thick chocolate, what does this phrase mean?

The International Chocolate Day is about to be celebrated, in fact it is tomorrow September 13 and surely in its honor you will eat a good ounce of your favorite chocolate, but in addition to being food, chocolate is also in a phrase that many people use to often in countless conversations but few of which know why it is used or its origin. We refer to “Clear things and thick chocolate”, what does this phrase mean?

Clear things and thick chocolate, what does this phrase mean?

Many are the colloquial phrases that we use often and many are sure that we use them without really knowing what they mean while others can give us clues as to what they refer to just by stopping to analyze a little what we say. This is the case of the phrase “Clear things and thick chocolate” , which you have surely been told on some occasion or you yourself have used trying to make one thing clear.

Just by stopping to think about the phrase itself “clear things and thick chocolate” we realize that it refers to the fact of being honest , that something is clear to us or that we have understood it as opposed to chocolate that is usually served well thick when taken molten .

A phrase that is usually used in a concrete way when we are talking about something and we want what we say to be clear , without anyone interpreting what it is not. A popular expression that is also used when in a conversation someone does not express themselves clearly or we see that they are not being sincere and we ask them to please say “things clear and thick chocolate”.

What is the origin of this expression?

But why do we refer to chocolate when we want to give our speech a sense of clarity? Apparently this colloquial expression is born from the way in which chocolate is prepared in Spain compared to another country: France.

Apparently in Spain chocolate has always been made with water so that it is thicker , while in France it is made with milk, which makes it more liquid.

To discover the origin of the expression itself, we have to “travel” to the time of the Spanish conquest of America, when the Spanish monk Fray Aguilar sent the first cacao plants to the Monastery of Piedra in Spain . Its bitter taste did not please anyone so it was only used as a medicine.

However, the nuns of the Guajaca convent (the name that King Carlos V gave to Oaxaca in 1532), added sugar to cocoa which caused it to begin to be drunk not only in Spain but throughout Europe , although it was yet to be decided. if it was better to take it clear or thick.

In this way, the “Spanish” preparation was based on mixing a lot of cocoa with water so that it was thick while on the other hand, there were those who preferred to drink it more liquid, that is, “French”, adding milk.

Finally , the method of doing it the Spanish way was imposed and with it this expression of “clear things and thick chocolate” was born , when we want to make something very clear or express ourselves with total sincerity.

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