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Commemoration of Nazi victims in Hamburg: big plans – city takes over private Nazi memorial

The city will now operate the memorial at Stadthausbrücke 6. Victims’ associations have wanted this for a long time. The victim is the previous operator, who is now left with nothing.

Hamburg – In 2018, Stephanie Krawehl opened the memorial in the Stadthaus area together with a café and her bookstore “Lesesaal”. A real estate company bought the building and found the bookseller to be a cheap way of managing the memorial privately. Victims’ associations went on the barricades. The city should build and operate the NS memorial itself and on a much larger scale. reveals how Stephanie Krawehl has suffered from the attacks and poor sales in recent years.

Now Krawehl has to give up because of the corona pandemic, poor sales and the constant attacks. She has already filed for bankruptcy, although it pains her to see her bookstore and the whole experiment fail economically. At that time, the bookseller had agreed to move her well-running and award-winning “reading room” and take care of the memorial.

In the meantime, the Lower Saxony Medical Supply Office is the owner of the building and, after talks, the city will finally take care of the expansion and operation of the memorial. The victims’ associations are included in the planning. Stephanie Krawehl is suffering. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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