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Companies suffered 2.9 million crimes in 2021; only 11.4% were reported

Mexican companies that employ millions of people registered almost 2.9 million crimes last year, but only 11.4% of them were reported to the authorities, reported Inegi.

According to the institute’s National Survey of Business Victimization, only 326,214 units went to a legal instance to report that they were victims of crime.

However, there were entities in which the proportion of complaints regarding the number of aggressions, threats and transgressions they suffered were lower.

This was the case of Sinaloa, where of the 76,824 crimes registered last year, only 2,476 were reported, that is, only 3.2%.

In Oaxaca, only 4.7% of the conflicts reached the hands of those who apply justice, in Tamaulipas, 5.3%; in Zacatecas, 5.8%; in Durango, 6.5%; Baja California, 6.6%, and in Guerrero 7.2%.

Although Jalisco was characterized as the entity that received the most complaints regarding registered crimes, it was not very high either, since it was equivalent to 26.3%, followed by Nuevo León, with 22.5%.

They don’t believe in authority

The main cause of non-complaints was attributable to the authority, which in many cases due to procedures or the inefficiency of results, the aggrieved desist from carrying out.

There were 2.5 million crimes that did not reach the table of justice, and of that total, almost 60% had a common cause: mistrust of authority.

Other reasons that did not lead to reporting were fear of the aggressor, a minor crime and because the victim had no evidence.

Extortion was the least reported crime, followed by robbery/assault of goods or money. Other problems that were not charged were ant theft, acts of corruption, fraud, theft of merchandise in transit and vehicle accessories.

And what are the complaints about?

The Inegi announced that of the 326,214 crimes that were reported, 92,088 are in a state of nothing, that is, the case has not progressed. Another 87,619 cases are still in process, while 83,563 have not even started the investigation file.

Only 16,766 of the complaints were victorious because the assets were recovered and in 9,356 they managed to deliver the offender to the disposition of a judge. There were 1,686 records in which the victim preferred to pardon the offender.

Expansión published that insecurity hit more than 2.1 million companies and businesses of all sizes last year, at a cost of more than 120 billion pesos.

In Mexico there are 4.7 million economic units that produce and generate jobs for millions of people.

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