EconomyFinancialMexico registers 57.5 million people with employment in September

Mexico registers 57.5 million people with employment in September

The National Survey of Occupation and Employment (ENOE) new edition, revealed that in September the employed population in Mexico was 57.5 million people, of the 59.5 million that make up the economically active population (PEA), with an unemployment rate of 3.3 %.

The 57.5 million employed people represent 2.4 million more than in the same month of 2021, according to information published this Thursday by the Inegi.

Of the total number of employed people, details the National Institute of Statistics and Geography, 38.8 million worked as paid workers, an annual increase of 760,000 people; 13.5 million worked independently or on their own, without hiring employees, which represented an increase of 1.1 million.

Three million more people were patrons or employers. Lastly, 2.3 million people were employed in businesses or on family plots.

The sector with the highest increase in its employed population, compared to September of last year, was that of restaurants and lodging services, with 614 thousand people, followed by commerce and miscellaneous services with an increase of 515 thousand people, each.

During September, there were 32 million people who work informally, which represents 55.6% of the employed population, a lower percentage of 0.6% compared to September of last year.

Regarding the unemployment rate -people who did not work, but expressed willingness to do so and looked for work-, there was a decrease of 423,000 people, for a total of 2 million people.

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