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"Completely unsuccessful": Harry and Meghan fail to break through in the USA

Created: 08/17/2022, 3:30 p.m

In Großbritannien werden Harry und Meghan immer unbeliebter, auch in den USA müssen sie noch fleißig Sympathiepunkte sammeln. (Fotomontage)
Harry and Meghan are becoming less and less popular in Great Britain, and they still have to collect sympathy points in the USA. (Photomontage) © Sonia Moskowitz Gordon/Imago & Daniel Leal-Olivas/dpa

Harry and Meghan’s new start in California is now around two years ago. The ducal couple would like to make a name for themselves in the USA, but the big breakthrough is still a long way off. Will they disappear into oblivion?

Montecito – Prince Harry (37) and Meghan Markle (41) have been living in the USA since July 2020. With their departure from the Krone, the dropout couple also opted for financial independence. In order to be able to fill the household budget, the Sussexes have apparently set themselves big goals – so far there has been no success.

Harry and Meghan put down roots in Montecito – without a steep career

Just a few months after relocating to California, Harry and Meghan announced their first big projects. The Sussexes concluded lucrative million dollar contracts with well-known companies such as Netflix or Spotify. Royal fans are still waiting in vain for the fruits of this promising collaboration.

Harry und Meghan nehmen seit ihrer Abkehr vom Palast immer wieder Termine in den USA wahr, wie hier bei der UN-Generalversammlung am Nelson-Mandela-Tag.
Since leaving the palace, Harry and Meghan have repeatedly held appointments in the USA, such as here at the UN General Assembly on Nelson Mandela Day. © Lev Radin/Imago

Gaining a foothold in their adopted country and winning the favor of the Americans is apparently harder for Harry and Meghan than they thought. According to “News” Royal commentator Daniela Elser, the two’s plan to establish themselves as stars in the USA failed miserably: ” Harry and Meghan have proved completely unsuccessful in establishing themselves in the corridors of power in Washington, New Claim York, Silicon Valley or Los Angeles. The magical dust of their royalty has largely faded over the past two years and the novelty has subsided.”

Big hurdle: Harry and Meghan have not yet conquered the United States

The fact that they still have to fight for the reputation and favor of the Americans should also be a thorn in the side of Harry and Meghan. Due to their resignation, they don’t have an easy time in Great Britain, they certainly expected more from their new life and the opportunities in the USA.

When the parents of two make a name for themselves, it is usually associated with negative headlines. This should bother Prince Harry in particular, who even wants to fire his PR staff for this reason. Sources used:

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