NewsConfirmed: Michael Wendler's wife Laura Müller rejects the offer...

Confirmed: Michael Wendler's wife Laura Müller rejects the offer for the big Sat.1 show

Created: 10/21/2022 8:07 am

Will we soon see Laura Müller on “Celebrity Big Brother”? In the last few days, the rumor mill has been bubbling so hard that the Wendler wife is now commenting on Instagram.

Cape Coral/Florida – Laura Müller on “Celebrity Big Brother”? Many would have liked to see that. In the last few days there have been rumors that Schlager star Michael Wendler’s wife should actually move into the TV container. Now Laura Müller speaks personally.

Annoyed Laura Müller rejects the request for “Celebrity Big Brother”.

Does she or doesn’t she? In the last few days there has been a lot of talk about Laura Müller’s alleged “Celebrity Big Brother” participation. Now the “OnlyFans” model is putting an end to the rumours. On Instagram, she posts a screenshot of an image article with her statement.

Laura Müller nimmt Stellung zu den „Promi Big Brother“-Gerüchten Stellung
Laura Müller does not go into the “Celebrity Big Brother” container, as she now explains on Instagram. © Screenshot Instagram/lauramuellerofficial

“Because I’m still getting countless questions about Celebrity Big Brother: Yes, there was a request. I turned it down,” says Laura Müller. That was obvious. But a replacement should already have been found for Laura Müller: professional nackedei Micaela Schäfer.

Celebrity Big Brother 2022: These candidates should be there

Reality TV fans should mark November 18, 2022 in their calendars in red. Because on this day “Celebrity Big Brother” on Sat.1 goes into the next round. The candidates have not yet been officially determined, but of course there are already the first rumours. So should be among the participants DSDS cult candidate Menderes Bagci. According to BILD, entertainer and voice imitator Jörg Knörr could also move to the TV container. Jürgen Milski, who became known through the very first “Big Brother” season, was also traded as a candidate for a long time. The Ballermannsänger has now denied that.

“There won’t be”: Sat.1 doesn’t feel like Laura Müller and Michael Wendler

Now we know what Laura Müller thinks about participating in “Celebrity Big Brother”. But what does Sat.1 actually say about the wild speculation? “The rumor mill about the anniversary season of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ is really churning. But Sat.1 cannot make any truth out of speculation in this case either. But we would like to emphasize one thing: there will be no reunion with Michael Wendler’s white swimming trunks this season,” explains Christoph Körfer, a press spokesman for the station, to Bild.

Adeline Norberg doesn’t seem to want the media hype about her father Michael Wendler anymore. The 20-year-old has disappeared completely for a few years. The Wendler daughter did not even appear for an important court hearing. Sources used:, Instagram/lauramuellerofficial

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