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Construction is progressing: 170 km long desert city for nine million inhabitants

Created: 10/28/2022, 4:38 p.m

Not only Dubai surprises again and again with spectacular buildings. Such a structure is also being built in Saudi Arabia: “The Line” is to function completely independently.

Riyadh – The drafts and raw data for the construction project “The Line” actually sound utopian and almost impossible to implement in reality. As the planners of the project, the Saudi Arabian state company Neom, promise on the website, “The Line” is intended to represent a “civilizational revolution”. Apparently, the work on the crazy project is progressing faster than many thought. A drone video should now prove that the megacity was not just a pipe dream, but that people will soon be able to live there.

Designation: THE LINE
structure: Megacity for around nine million people
Dimensions: 170 kilometers long, 200 meters wide, 500 meters high
Location: Northwest of Saudi Arabia
Costs: 400-700 billion euros (estimated)

A first-class structure: “The Line” is being built in Saudi Arabia

But first the interesting facts about “The Line”: As the name suggests, the structure is supposed to resemble a line in the desert of Saudi Arabia. The dimensions also prove this: the megacity is to be 170 kilometers long, just over 200 meters wide and around 500 meters high. The nine million people who will later live there should be able to walk to their work, shops and leisure activities within five minutes. There are no cars and no CO₂ emissions either – according to the ideas of the designers and planners, “The Line” should function completely independently. Such a construction in the desert sounds like a child’s imagination, but it is nothing like that. The mirrored structure is expected to be completed in 2030. And drone recordings should now show that this plan is really being followed.

Megacity in Saudi Arabia: Hundreds of trucks roll to the construction site

There is now a video by the Saudi Arabian company Ot Sky on YouTube, which was published by the architecture magazine Dezeen. It’s easy to see that “The Line” is being built diligently. At least in the one-minute drone video, hundreds of loaded trucks and excavators roll through the desert. A kilometer-long pit leading to the horizon can also be seen. However, the authenticity of the recordings cannot be conclusively confirmed.

However, projects such as the Palm Islands in Dubai prove that the large construction companies in the region do not shy away from such spectacular projects and also complete them. Incidentally, Neom is already planning an octagon-shaped floating coastal city and a ski and leisure resort in Saudi Arabia with an “artificial freshwater lake”.

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