News“Contradicts itself”: Chaos about the Airtag ban at Lufthansa

“Contradicts itself”: Chaos about the Airtag ban at Lufthansa

Created: 10/12/2022, 5:12 p.m

Im Sommer 2022 entstanden an vielen deutschen Flughäfen chaotische Zustände. (Symbolfoto)
In the summer of 2022, chaotic conditions arose at many German airports. (symbol photo) © Jonas Walzberg/dpa; Frank Rumpenhorst/dpa

Bluetooth luggage trackers can be the savior when it comes to tracking down lost suitcases. But one airline stands in the way.

Where’s the handbag again, and where are my house keys anyway? In order to avoid having to ask such questions all the time, many people now rely on trackers. They can be attached almost anywhere and what you are looking for can then be found quickly via smartphone. More and more people are also using these trackers for their luggage.

Because at the latest after the big suitcase chaos at many German airports in summer 2022, the Bluetooth trackers became more and more popular. There is now resistance to this. Lufthansa tweeted on its international account in response to a user’s question: “Lufthansa bans activated AirTags in luggage because they are classified as dangerous and must be switched off.” This caused irritation, also because not every airline shared this view Splits.

Baggage tags like air tags banned at Lufthansa? Why they are considered dangerous

But why should luggage trackers be dangerous? Lufthansa responded to a query on Twitter: “According to the ICAO guidelines, the baggage trackers are subject to the dangerous goods regulations. Also, due to their in-flight broadcasting capability, the trackers must be disabled when in checked baggage and therefore cannot be used.”

But not everyone seems to see it that way. The US Transportation Safety Authority (TSA) has already emphasized on Twitter that taking Airtags and other Bluetooth trackers with you is not a problem. The European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) has now commented on the case. It explained on its website that it is the airline’s responsibility to allow such devices after ensuring that they do not endanger safe flight operations. Other airlines seem to have fewer problems with Airtag and Co. Tuifly told BuzzFeed News DE from Ippen.Media: “TUI fly has no restrictions on AirTags. So guests can use them in their luggage.”

Air tags and Co. in aircraft luggage: Lufthansa statement causes trouble

In the meantime, many users on Twitter have complained about Lufthansa’s actions. Many draw parallels to the suitcase chaos:

Another tells of his own experience on a Lufthansa flight: “A few weeks ago, an Airtag in our suitcase helped us to find our delayed luggage again, the companies commissioned at the airports are totally overwhelmed. And yes, that was with you @Lufthansa_DE”

Bluetooth tracker on the plane: Lufthansa expresses itself again

In the meantime there are also new tones from Lufthansa, but they only provide little clarity. The company told Stern magazine : “The Lufthansa Group has carried out its own risk assessment, with the result that trackers with very low battery and transmission power in checked baggage do not pose a security risk. We have never banned such devices. It is up to the authorities to adapt the regulations that currently restrict the use of these devices for passengers in checked baggage. We are in close contact with the relevant institutions to find a solution as soon as possible.” So clear and yet so confusing, especially for air passengers. It remains to be seen how the dispute over Airtag and Co. will continue.

The Lufthansa strike also caused a sensation. The employees in the Lufthansa strike also received a lot of encouragement online.

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