NewsCorona deaths in Great Britain: Boris Johnson laments "terrible"...

Corona deaths in Great Britain: Boris Johnson laments "terrible" toll

More than 150,000 people have died in Great Britain after being infected with the coronavirus – the country is one of the sad front runners.

London – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is saddened by the high number of deaths in his country in the corona pandemic. At the weekend (January 8th / 9th, 2022), the number of deaths among those infected by the PCR test had exceeded the 150,000 mark. Great Britain is the first country in Europe, with the exception of Russia, which has so many deaths in the pandemic.

“The corona virus has taken a terrible toll in our country,” wrote Johnson on Saturday evening (January 8th, 2022) on Twitter. He expressed his condolences to the relatives of the deceased and added: “Our way out of this pandemic is that everyone gets their booster, or the first or second vaccination, if not already.”

Corona wave in Great Britain continues – containment measures not planned

The actual number of deaths related to corona infection in the UK is likely to be even higher. Covid-19 has already been noted on around 174,000 death certificates in Great Britain. The country with around 67 million inhabitants is still firmly in the grip of the omicron wave. Around 141,000 new infections were registered on Sunday alone (January 9th, 2022).

The seven-day incidence was last given as almost 2000 (as of January 4, 2022). While the wave in London now seems to be flattening out, the numbers in the north of England continue to rise sharply.

Corona in Great Britain: Massive criticism of Johnson’s politics and behavior

The government in London has so far rejected stricter measures to contain the pandemic in most of England, citing the fact that hospital admissions and deaths have not increased to the same extent. However, more and more hospital operators are sounding the alarm because they are increasingly lacking staff due to the many cases of corona infection.

Johnson had come under considerable pressure in late 2021 over reports of lockdown parties at the seat of government. His former chief advisor, Dominic Cummings, now fanned the fire further: According to him, warnings were ignored that it was a violation of the lockdown rules applicable at the time, wrote Cummings, who left the government in a dispute on Friday (07.01 .2022) published blog entry.

Corona policy in Great Britain: Of course, Johnson told “a lot of lies”

An internal investigation is currently intended to clarify whether the Corona rules applicable at the time have actually been violated. The focus is on reports about parties in December 2020. Cummings writes on his blog: “Of course, the Prime Minister told many lies about parties in December 2020 and (…) encouraged others to tell the media untruths.”

Cummings continues to vent his anger: “It is bad that he lies about this matter – and almost always lies in general – but it is even worse that, firstly, he says incompetent people. Red.] In key positions and, secondly, did not prioritize the preparation for variants during 2021 and encouraged people to think ‘Covid is over’, as he did in September 2020. “(na / dpa)

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