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Corona in Spain: 3G regulation also comes on the Costa Blanca

The incidence of corona is increasing in Spain, more and more regions are introducing 3G regulations and requiring the Covid passport. Including the Costa Blanca.

Valencia – There is currently no talk of a new Corona * lockdown or restrictions in Spain *, but more and more regions are introducing 3G rules. So far, Spaniards only needed the Covid pass for travel, within their own country, however, proof of vaccination, recovery or test was hardly required at all. That is changing now. 3G regulations are also to be introduced on the Costa Blanca as soon as possible – in which areas, reveals *.

The government of the Region of Valencia * has applied for the introduction of the Covid pass to the Higher Regional Court. The corresponding decision on this is expected daily. The 3G rules should apply “as soon as possible” on the Costa Blanca *, in any case before the long weekend over the holidays on December 6th and 8th, according to State Minister-President Ximo Puig. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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