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Corona incidences over 1000 in Bavaria: where do the dramatic numbers come from?

In Bavaria there are most corona hotspots in Germany. In three counties alone, the incidence is more than 1000. Why is that?

Munich – The increasing number of corona cases are creating a tense mood in Germany. It was already clear in advance that winter would bring a new wave of new infections. Even experts are surprised at the force with which the new corona wave is striking back.

Germany has repeatedly broken the daily record of new infections in recent weeks. Counties have incidences that go into the four-digit range. Bavaria is particularly badly affected by the fourth wave. A look at the current incidences shows: eight of the nationwide corona hotspots are in the Free State. The front runners are the districts of Rottal-Inn, Miesbach and Mühldorf am Inn – all three with a 7-day incidence of more than 1000. Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder therefore declared the corona disaster. But why are the numbers so absurdly high in places in Bavaria?

Incidences in Bavaria are more than 1000: These could be the causes

According to the Robert Koch Institute, the current Bavarian incidence is 454.9. It ranks third among the federal states, only Saxony (569.0) and Thuringia (491.3) had more new infections within the last seven days. In the federal government there are currently 263.7 (as of November 13, 2021).

Nevertheless, the list of the best corona hotspots is dominated by the Bavarian counties. And the reasons for this can only be speculated. The editorial network Germany spoke to the politics professor Ursula Münch. She is the director of the Academy for Political Education in Tutzing and an expert when it comes to the Free State.

Corona hotspots in Bavaria: Too little trust in the Bavarian government?

Why Bavaria has so many corona hotspots can be debated. It is noticeable that many of the affected districts in the south are on the edge of the Alps and in the Bavarian Forest. According to the expert, the proximity to the popular holiday destination Austria could definitely be a problem. “In fact, there are no controls at the border,” says Münch. In addition, rural areas often have no access to the necessary corona tests. Münch also questions whether the corona measures are really taken seriously in rural areas: “In rural areas, PCR tests are sometimes difficult to obtain. (…) Whoever is positive in the rapid test and then has to wait a few days – will they stay in quarantine? “

Compliance with the corona measures would also be related to the attitude of the country and its people. The changing corona policy had hit many people on the mind and robbed them of confidence in the government. In addition, “lateral thinkers” are not uncommon in the rural regions of Bavaria. “In recent years, especially in rural areas, the loss of confidence in state institutions and the media has increased enormously. The further away people are from the centers, the greater the aversion. ”A failed referendum to dissolve the state parliament proves Münch’s thesis.

Corona hotspots in Bavaria: the number of intensive care beds continues to fall

Little trust in the state and its measures results in a low vaccination rate. But the high incidences are having an effect. In the meantime, the willingness to vaccinate is also increasing in village regions: As reported by Bayerischer Rundfunk, the residents of the negative frontrunner Rottal-Inn have also recognized the seriousness of the situation and have been flocking to the vaccination centers since last week. At the vaccination center in Eggenfelden alone, the number of first vaccinations within a week has almost doubled compared to the previous week. A spokesman for the authority reported this to the BR on November 12th. The vaccination center has now increased its capacities and planned further steps to increase the level of vaccination.

The containment of the corona infection rate in the Bavarian hot-spot areas is becoming more and more urgent. Because as the BR reports, with the increasing number of infections, the number of free intensive care beds also decreases. One can only call for people to be vaccinated now, says Michael Fahmüller, district administrator in Rottal-Inn.

In the meantime, the situation in the district has come to a head: Currently only one intensive care bed is available in Rottal-Inn (as of 11.11.2021). If the last bed is also occupied, the patients will begin to be transferred to other districts.

Bavaria: More and more corona deaths – despite vaccination

With the increasing number of intensive care patients, the number of corona deaths in Bavaria is also increasing. In October, the State Office for Health and Food (LGL) reported 372 Bavarian fatalities, including some fully vaccinated people. With 108 people who have died twice, the proportion is around 30 percent.

But the numbers have to be interpreted with caution. Those who were infected with the virus are counted as corona fatalities. But that does not mean that Corona is also necessarily the cause of death. A large proportion of the corona deaths are 80 or older. Accordingly, there is a high probability that the majority also suffered from other diseases. However, according to the LGL, it is not possible to evaluate the deaths after previous illnesses.

The infection numbers for November are not yet complete, but they already show the dramatic development of Bavaria: According to the Corona portal of Munich’s Ludwig Maximilians University, 309 deaths have been reported in the Free State in the past seven days – double the number Mid October. (aa)

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