NewsCorona innovations: yellow vaccination certificate no longer valid? That...

Corona innovations: yellow vaccination certificate no longer valid? That will change in 2022

In the new year there are important changes regarding corona vaccination certificates. Consumers should know what changes with the yellow vaccination certificate and digital vaccination certificate.

Hamm – The new year has started. And with the turn of the year, Germany will see innovations in relation to the Corona * pandemic. There are significant changes, particularly with regard to the proof of vaccinations. reveals that the yellow paper vaccination pass is about to expire and how the validity of the digital corona vaccination pass will change in 2022 *.

The most far-reaching of all changes in relation to corona rules has not yet been decided, but is still pending. As * reports, there is currently an important debate, the outcome of which could soon affect all people in Germany significantly. – * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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