NewsCorona vaccination certificates are expiring: what to do now

Corona vaccination certificates are expiring: what to do now

Created: 7/22/2022 8:51 am

Corona-Impfzertifikat läuft ab
Corona vaccination certificates will soon expire. You must take note of this. (symbol photo) © Marijan Murat / dpa

“Certificate will expire shortly”: More and more users of the Corona app will soon receive this message. What you can do about it.

Frankfurt – More and more people will soon receive a message on their Corona app that their certificate is about to expire. Those who received their second corona vaccination in early summer 2021 and missed the booster vaccination in winter because they already had corona will receive this message first. If these people do not act, they will lose the digital proof of the complete vaccination status in the next few weeks, reports the world .

As the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) explains, it is due to the “technical expiry date” of the certificate. According to the CoronaWarnApp blog, the first certificates expired in June. All people whose last vaccination was at least 365 days ago are affected.

Corona vaccination certificates are expiring: those affected must act quickly

This does not change anything about the “technical” vaccination status. In Germany, a person who has had three vaccinations or two vaccinations and one infection is considered fully immune indefinitely. The problem affects both the CoronaWarnApp and the CovPass app. According to the world , the makers of the CoronaWarn app cite IT security as one reason. This is currently less tragic due to the fewer corona restrictions, but can be annoying if politicians decide on new rules in autumn because of the infection process.

Those affected must act quickly, because twenty-eight days before the anniversary of the booster, the app usually automatically notifies them that the vaccination status is about to expire. “If you receive a corresponding message in the Corona-Warn-App, you can voluntarily request a new vaccination certificate or certificate of recovery free of charge via the app,” says the blog.

Corona vaccination certificates are expiring: request a new certificate

After obtaining consent, the app sends one or more certificates to the RKI for verification, which issues an updated certificate and sends it to the app. It is important that the current version of the CovPass or CoronaWarn app is installed, as older versions do not have the corresponding features. The proof must also have been issued in Germany. Only the last vaccination certificate and the proof of recovery have to be renewed, older vaccinations do not.

You can only have the certificates issued three times. If you have saved your app on multiple devices, we recommend that you first export the newly issued certificate as a PDF file and scan this QR code on other devices. If you haven’t opened the Corona app lately, it’s worth taking a look. If the certificate expires, you only have 90 days to fix the problem yourself. After that you have to go back to the pharmacy. (Ares Abasi)

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