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Corona vaccine: One factor is hindering the approval of Novavax

Several billion doses of Novavax’s new protein-based corona vaccine should be delivered in 2021. When does it start?

Gaithersburg – Many are longingly waiting for the Covid vaccine from Novavax – because this differs from the previous vaccines and promises a high level of effectiveness. As early as 2020, Novavax managing director Stanley Erck announced that deliveries of up to two billion vaccine doses could be expected in 2021. So far, however, the approval is pending. Will that change anytime soon?

In contrast to the mRNA vaccines from Biontech and Moderna, which are currently considered the most popular, immunization with the vaccine from the Novavax company is carried out using protein particles. This means that the vaccine contains particles of the Sars-CoV-2 protein produced in the laboratory, which trigger the production of antibodies in the body.

In contrast to mRNA vaccines, which contain parts of the genetic information of the virus, vaccination with protein-based vaccines has been tried and tested for a long time – an argument with which vaccination skeptics can still be convinced of a vaccination against corona. In addition, experts rate such a vaccine as particularly effective.

Novavax Corona Vaccine: CEO Announces Emergency Authorization Application

After the CEO of Novavax in the USA had already spread hope for an early approval in 2020, he again emphasized to CNN in November 2021 that he was planning to submit an application for emergency approval of the vaccine to the American drug regulatory authority FDA this year.

So far, Novavax’s corona vaccine is only approved in Indonesia and the Philippines. Several approval processes are currently underway, for example in Europe, Great Britain, Canada and Australia. In October there were media reports in the US that Novavax was having production problems. But Novavax boss Erck is confident that the problems have been overcome. A Novavax announcement in response to US media reports in October said “Our global supply chain is expected to reach 150 million cans per month by the end of the fourth quarter.”

Novavax: Corona vaccine – means is already being adapted against the Omikron variant

The US government has already funded the vaccine company with 1.6 billion dollars, and for some time Novavax has had a partnership with the Serum Institute of India, the world’s largest manufacturer of vaccines. Silvia Taylor, Vice President Of Global Corporate Affairs And Investor Relations at Novavax, is convinced that the company will be able to produce more than two billion vaccine doses by 2022. In addition, the company promised that the vaccine is currently being adapted to the new Omikron variant.

With the new Omikron variant, the global corona situation is getting worse. The current developments regarding the mutation in the ticker. (Teresa Toth)

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