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Coronavirus Spain: Incidence is increasing – new Covid traffic lights and 3G rules

Spain is changing the Covid traffic light, introducing booster vaccinations from the age of 60 and the Covid Pass. No further restrictions are to be expected.

Málaga / Murcia / Alicante – The new Covid traffic light, which the Ministry of Health and the state governments passed on Tuesday, remains green. This now changed semáfaro covid does not come with specific restrictions, but changes the indicators with which the risk of the coronavirus * pandemic in Spain * is classified. Regardless of this, individual regions such as Valencia are introducing 3G rules * and require proof that you have been vaccinated, recovered or tested in restaurants, nightclubs or at events in closed rooms. There are no Spain-wide regulations for the pasaporte covid that anyone can download onto their mobile phone.

New Covid traffic light in Spain: hospital occupancy is decisive for corona risk level

Due to the high vaccination rate, the incidence is becoming less important as a risk factor in Spain, so that a low risk of infection is now up to a 14-day incidence of 100 new infections among 100,000 citizens, the medium risk up to 300 and the high risk up to 500. When assessing the coronavirus pandemic, the utilization of the wards – called planta – and the intensive care units, the UCIs, in the hospitals are more important. Another factor is the proportion of tests that are positive compared to the total number of tests performed.

This value is just under six percent in Spain, and is already heading towards nine in Valencia *. Below the five percent one speaks of a controlled spread of the coronavirus, up to seven percent is assigned to a low risk of infection, up to ten percent to a medium, up to 15 percent to a high risk and above that one speaks of an extreme risk.

Corona Spain: Incidence is increasing in Valencia and Murcia and remains low in Andalusia

The 14-day incidence has been increasing in Spain for days and amounted to 149 cases as of November 24, in Andalusia * to 75.5, in Murcia * to 152 and in Valencia to 150 cases. Despite the high vaccination rate, the increase in new infections is not having an impact on hospitals. Currently, over 3,170 patients with Covid-19 have to be treated as inpatients. Corona is still only having a minor impact on the utilization of inpatient facilities, it is 2.56 percent in the wards and 6.13 percent in the intensive care units. On the mainland, the pressure on the intensive care units is only increasing noticeably in Catalonia with 12.21 percent and in Aragón with 11.36 percent, in Andalusia and Murcia this indicator is still around three percent, in Valencia and thus also on the Costa Blanca * but already at 8.59 percent.

You can read more about the current situation of the pandemic on the Costa Blanca here * and about that in the cities of the Costa del Sol here *.

Everything is still OK. The upward trend has to be assessed critically after the experiences from the previous year with regard to the long weekend around the holidays on December 6th and 8th and the Christmas holidays, but the health care is much more solid.

Coronavirus in Spain: now there are incidences for both vaccinated and unvaccinated

When it comes to controlling the pandemic, Spain continues to rely on two measures with which the country has so far been doing well in a European comparison. The everyday mask and the vaccination against Covid-19. Health Minister Carolina Darias brought her rule of three into play. “I can only emphasize again and again that vaccinating, vaccinating, vaccinating remains the best way.” Sanidad is doing persuasive work and is now publishing incidence values of vaccinated and non-vaccinated people, which are now only available for a weekly period. With an incidence of 23.1 cases among vaccinated persons and 64.5 cases among unvaccinated persons, a ditch opens up, especially since the probability that unvaccinated persons between 60 and 80 years of age will be infected with the coronavirus is eight times higher than that of vaccinated persons, The ministry estimates hospital admission 18 times higher and dying from Covid-19 25 times higher.

Covid- und Grippeimpfdosen liegen nebeneinander.


The vaccination against Covid and flu runs in parallel in many regions of Spain.

Currently, 89.2 percent of the population capable of vaccinating in Spain have complete vaccination protection. At the same time, the booster vaccination that is given to people over the age of 70 continues, sometimes at the same time as the flu protection. Citizens who have received a single dose of the Janssen preparation can also apply for a second vaccination at the health center. Members of risk groups and residents of senior citizens’ facilities also receive the third vaccination.

The Ministry of Health decided on Tuesday the third vaccination for people over 60 and for health care workers. That affects 16 million. Meanwhile, by calling for a third vaccination for adults over 40 years of age, the EU leaves no doubt where the journey is headed.

Coronavirus Spain: No regulation for booster vaccinations for foreign tourists

The government has not yet made a regulation for foreign holidaymakers who have been vaccinated twice in their home country and would now like to receive the booster vaccination in Spain. The Covid-19 vaccination is given by public health centers. You need a (temporary) SIP card for public health. This is issued to people who are registered in the registration office of their town hall. This notification is actually mandatory for stays of three months or more.

The Covid traffic light is used by the authorities to regulate capacity utilization, for example in restaurants or at events. “So far we have only adopted the indicators without any further measures. We’re working on them, I can’t say more about it yet, ”said Health Minister Carolina Darias. However, some of the recommendations leaked.

A medium risk of infection or alert level two could definitely be accompanied by modified guidelines for the regions regarding the occupancy of the rooms in restaurants and nightlife spots. This is currently 80 or 75 percent. However, it will only become critical if there is a high risk of infection, then the interiors should close and the nightlife would be over, as would major events, both of which would be bitter at Christmas time. Spain is by no means off the hook. But nobody is thinking of a new lockdown like in Austria.

Coronavirus Spain: Covid-Pass comes in almost all regions if the courts allow it

But all regions are flirting with the Covid Pass. Vaccinated people can usually download it to their mobile phone via the website or app of their regional health service. However, some regions stumble upon the higher regional courts when introducing the pasaporte covid, such as the Basque Country most recently. There, the courts consider the measure to be excessive in view of the high vaccination rate. With the Covid-Pass, unvaccinated persons can be denied access to large parts of public life, not only to bars, restaurants and concerts, but also for visits to hospitals. The principle of vaccination-free is being undermined. However, the regions are pushing for the 3-G set of rules and are waiting for the verdict of the courts. The Region of Valencia wants to limit it to the interiors of bars and restaurants. Catalonia, Galicia and the Balearic Islands have already introduced 3G rules. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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