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"Correctly so": Horse farm sends riders that are too heavy away again

A horse farm in the Netherlands is currently a topic of conversation: If riders are too heavy, they are not allowed to sit on a horse. This rule is very popular on the internet.

“We allow a maximum weight of 90 kilos for female riders and 100 kilos for riders” is the eleventh rule in the house rules of a Dutch equestrian center. Riders must therefore expect not to be allowed to sit on a horse if they are considered too heavy in the eyes of the equestrian center. * reports.

“For the well-being of the animals”: weight limit for riders on a horse farm

Before the riders are allowed to swing on the saddle on the farm in the north of the Netherlands, they are first placed on the scales. With clothes, women are not allowed to weigh more than 90 kilograms, men not more than 100. How this difference between the sexes comes about cannot really be explained. Simone Lameijer, co-operator of the “De Bongerd” horse farm in Glimmen, explains the decision in a Dutch daily newspaper: “We are doing this for the welfare of the animals.” Even if it was difficult to set a weight limit, the employees show understanding.

Bruchmuehle, Brandenburg, GER - Frau reiten im Winter auf einer Strasse.


Riders who are too heavy are expelled from a riding school in the Netherlands.

“Absolutely correct” – horse lovers show understanding for decisions

A rider who was too heavy was recently turned away, Lameijer continued. She had agreed with him that he should now go hiking three times a week in order to lose a few pounds. “Then he can come back riding soon”, says the co-owner of the horse farm. On the net, the minds seem to be divided on the subject. Some find the decision a good one: “Correctly, unfortunately far too few do it”, “I think it’s right, I’m overweight myself and I would never sit on an animal to be carried around” or “I go with weight discrimination through the ceiling and get angry too. But THAT is absolutely correct! For the good of the animals ”can be read on the net.

However, some wonder at the difference in men and women. “What nonsense! Nobody can justify the difference between the sexes with animal welfare or “But 90 kg is 90 kg, whether man or woman. And then I would draw the line with men too ”can also be read.

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