NewsCorruption affair: Another public prosecutor suspended from duty

Corruption affair: Another public prosecutor suspended from duty

New developments in the fraud affair surrounding a senior public prosecutor in Frankfurt. Another prosecutor has been suspended from duty. This is also said to have awarded expert opinions on a large scale.

Frankfurt – Shortly before Christmas, the public prosecutor in Frankfurt was given an unsightly kind of presents. As the authority announced on Thursday (23.12.2021), a public prosecutor from the Frankfurt Public Prosecutor’s Office was suspended.

According to information from the hessenschau, the suspended person is said to be a former employee of senior public prosecutor Alexander B. B. has been investigated for over a year on suspicion of corruption. In July 2020, B. was arrested after his colleagues gathered seriously incriminating evidence.

Fraud affair surrounding senior public prosecutor in Frankfurt: Former employee suspended from work

Over a period of ten years, B. is said to have pocketed more than twelve million euros for reports for judicial authorities. In particular, it was about expert opinions in criminal investigations, as the public prosecutor in Frankfurt announced on Friday (July 24th, 2020). B. is said to have specialized in the suspicion of incorrect billing by resident doctors or clinics with the health insurance companies. In the period from August 2015 to July 2020 alone, he is said to have collected around 240,000 euros for this.

Frankfurt: Investigations against former employees of the senior public prosecutor are ongoing

Now a former employee of B. has apparently also come into the focus of the investigation. According to information from the hessenschau, he is also said to have awarded expert opinions on a large scale. “The (suspended) public prosecutor at the public prosecutor’s office is being investigated on suspicion of aiding and abetting infidelity in the office,” said the spokeswoman for the Frankfurt public prosecutor’s office, Nadja Niesen, on Thursday.

“It is currently unclear whether there is also a suspicion of bribery. In this respect, further investigations must be awaited. ”If there is suspicion that an officer may have committed a crime that could be punished with one year in prison, the country must suspend this officer. (esa / dpa)

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