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Craving KFC? Don't feel guilty, it already offers plant-based fried chicken

Some of the most common New Year’s resolutions are related to food, among them is the moderation of meat intake in order to take care of the diet, however, we must admit that fast food is a great temptation but there is not always options that omit the presence of meat. In order not to make you feel bad eating chicken, the fast food company Kentucky Fried Chicken will add plant-based chicken to its menu.

This offer will be offered for a limited time at all fast food restaurants in the United States.

“It’s really about where the customer is going; they want to eat more protein of plant origin ”.

“It’s January, so it’s a time for New Year’s resolutions and wanting to do something different with your diet,” said Kevin Hochman, president of KFC in the United States.

The chicken of vegetable origin is from Beyond Meat and the decision to include it in the menu derives – in addition to supporting customers to have healthier options – due to the good reception that was previously obtained.

The launch comes after years of testing by Yum Brands and Beyond Meat to create a meat substitute that will mimic the taste and texture of whole muscle chicken, such as chicken breast, rather than the ground consistency of the nuggets.

The two companies first tested plant-based chicken at an Atlanta restaurant in August 2019, and they used up their limited supply in less than five hours. Then KFC tested the new item in Nashville, Charlotte, North Carolina and Southern California two years ago.

“From a supply perspective, we feel very good about it, and it’s something we have experience with in initial testing,” said Ethan Brown, CEO of Beyond Meat.

This menu offer at KFC restaurants nationwide is offered beginning Monday, January 3 for a limited time.

Almost a year ago, Beyond Meat announced a formal partnership with Yum to manufacture exclusive plant-based substitutes for Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and KFC . Chipotle Mexican Grill rolled out plant-based chorizo ​​Monday at its restaurants across the country . It also targets customers trying to eat less meat in 2022.

From now on Burger King will sell vegan nuggets

The company claims that a 50% meat-free menu will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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