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Crazy before and after picture: model with the largest cheekbones in the world shows an old photo

Anastasia Pokreshchuk is addicted to beauty treatments. Splash in her face? Almost every day! Now the 32-year-old shows what she looked like before the surgery.

Kiev – Beauty treatments are part of everyday life for a cosmetic surgeon – from hyaluronic acid to botox and surgery. Such treatments are nothing special for model Anastasia Pokreshchuk anymore – she got used to them. For her, going to the beauty doc is firmly planned in her appointment calendar. The now 32-year-old has visually changed quite a bit in recent years. She is currently considered to be the model with the largest cheekbones in the world.

Anastasia Pokreshchuk shows before and after photo: “You used to be so pretty”

Anastasia Pokreshchuk shares a picture from earlier years on her Instagram account. At the age of 16, she still wore black, curly hair – there was no trace of fillers or botox on her face at the time. Year after year she developed more and more into a fictional character. Anastasia doesn’t know how many Botox injections and fillers she has already done.

“Look what I found. 16 years and 32 years ”, she commented on her publicly available picture on her social media account and showed the comparison. Around 270,000 people follow her on Instagram. And they insisted on posting their opinion under their picture.

“You used to be so pretty. I can’t believe what you’ve made of yourself! “, Commented a user. Another follower is of the opinion that she just wanted to develop into a different personality: “I think you can’t compare the two pictures. You just wanted to change yourself – you are an eye-catcher with this look ”. Her picture got almost 11,000 likes within a few days.

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Anastasia Pokreshchuk criticizes her 16-year-old appearance: “I looked like a hamster”

Eamonn Holmes, presenter of the British morning magazine “This Morning – ITV”, recently invited the model for an interview. The talk show host wanted to know, of course, where the immense urge for change in her face came from. “I looked like a hamster, look at my cheekbones. That really doesn’t work! ”Replied the 32-year-old. “I like it when you see the line of your cheekbones – like now,” she admitted. Anastasia Pokreshchuk is very pleased with her appearance. A few days ago, the 33-year-old Frenchman Anthony Loffredo also showed his new look – he transformed himself into an alien and had two fingers amputated in the process. (jkn)

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