NewsCrown Princess Amalia deeply in love: who is her...

Crown Princess Amalia deeply in love: who is her secret boyfriend?

The Dutch heir to the throne keeps her private life under lock and key. But now it has apparently been leaked to whom Crown Princess Amalia is said to have given her heart.

The Hague – There are exciting months behind Crown Princess Amalia. She passed her high school diploma in the spring with distinction, then spent a long time abroad before celebrating her 18th birthday at the beginning of December and giving her first speech in the State Council. The daughter of King Willem-Alexander (54) and Queen Máxima (50) also seem to have made a particularly positive development in private. * reveals here who is said to have conquered the heart of Crown Princess Amalia.

In the past, there has been constant speculation about the love life of Crown Princess Amalia. An Argentine magazine even reported a "Romeo and Juliet" love story between her and Prince Gabriel of Belgium (18). The Dutch heir to the throne, however, always left rumors of alleged love affairs uncommented. At the end of November, however, according to a report in Story magazine, she was accompanied by an attractive young man in New York City. Has Amalia been in steady hands for a long time? * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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