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'Cruel and unacceptable': Prince Andrew retains police protection while Prince Harry has to fight for it

Created: 08/13/2022 1:24 p.m

Dass Prinz Andrew trotz seines Missbrauchsskandals weiterhin Polizeischutz zusteht, dürfte bei Prinz Harry auf wenig Verständnis stoßen. (Fotomontage)
Prince Harry is unlikely to understand that Prince Andrew is still entitled to police protection despite his abuse scandal. (Photomontage) © i Images/Imago & Alastair Grant/dpa

Prince Andrew and Prince Harry are at the center of a public debate. The Queen’s son is still entitled to police protection despite his recent abuse scandal. Andrew didn’t have to fight for that, but his nephew did.

London – Prince Andrew (62) had to resign from his duties as a result of the allegations of abuse and his involvement in the Jeffrey Epstein (66, † 2019) scandal, while Harry (37) has opted out of his own volition for a life away from the crown. Both the Duke of York and the Duke of Sussex have been inactive royals for several months, but only one of them is getting police protection.

Despite the Epstein scandal: Prince Andrew will continue to be protected by the police in the future

Queen Elizabeth II’s second eldest son (96) has been quiet for the past few months, but now Prince Andrew is making negative headlines again. As the “Telegraph” made public, he continues to receive police protection after one. Since this is financed by British taxpayers, the outcry in the 62-year-old’s homeland is great. Many Britons also dislike the fact that Andrew is allowed to keep his bodyguards after a security check and that Prince Harry has to fight in court for police protection.

Im April 2021 nahmen Prinz Harry und Prinz Andrew an der Trauerfeier für Prinz Philip teil.
Prince Harry and Prince Andrew’s last public appearance together was more than a year ago: In April 2021, the two attended Prince Philip’s funeral service. © iImages/Imago

Activist and author Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu (46) vents her anger on Twitter and finds clear words: “We will never forgive the Queen & the Royal Family if something bad happens to Harry, Meghan and the children, as happened to Princess Diana. For disgraced Prince Andrew to be given tax-funded security while Prince Harry struggles to keep his family safe in the UK is cruel and unfair. Unacceptable.

Prince Harry does not shy away from legal action: the safety of his family is important to him

After Prince Harry’s proposal to pay for his own police protection in England was rejected by the Home Office, the ex-Royal had filed a lawsuit. Parts of this lawsuit were admitted a few weeks ago.

If the Duke of Sussex is successful in court, his family of four will probably be seen in England more often. Harry should feel a great longing for his homeland, which his wife Meghan (41) does not remain hidden. Sources used:,

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