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Dachshund is attacked by python – brave owner saves him

When her little dachshund is attacked by a giant python, Tanya Drysdale from Botswana bravely intervenes and saves her four-legged friend’s life.

For the second time, a giant python pays Tanya Drysdale a visit. The first time her daughter was attacked. With a bite on the ankle, she got off lightly. But three months later the snake comes back and looks for a much smaller victim: the family’s dachshund, * reports.

Snake attacks Dachshund – owner fights with her until she lets go

“It was a real struggle to free my little dog from the huge 4.6 meter long snake,” reports Tanya Drysdale on her Facebook page. She and her husband had to wrestle with the python for 15 minutes to free the little dog. “The whole time she was crushing her tiny body, I was sure we would have lost her,” says the courageous Botswanan. Fortunately, the dachshund is fine – apart from a few teeth that had burrowed into its stomach.

The snake escaped (with a few fewer teeth than before). “This time I couldn’t hold the snake, it was pretty grumpy,” said the brave dachshund rescuer. However, Tanya Drysdale wants to find the python with the help of a snake catcher and release it far from home – in the hope that it will not pose a threat to the family in the future.

Tanya Drysdale isn’t the only one who showed incredible courage to save her pet. Mike McCoy also jumped into the breach when an alligator attacked his pup *.

* is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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