NewsDark secret: Ennesto Monté's brother has been in prison...

Dark secret: Ennesto Monté's brother has been in prison for 15 years

Created: 08/04/2022 06:04 p.m

Ennesto Monté schaut erschöpft, auf dem zweiten Bild verschlägt er die Hände vor dem Gesicht
Ennesto Monté has a tough family history © Jan Huebner/Imago & C.Hardt/Imago

So far he has never spoken publicly about his brother. Now Ennesto Monté reveals that his brother is behind bars. And the “The Big Celebrity Penance” star also talks about the reasons for his conviction.

Ennesto Monté (47) is a real happy person. But the reality TV star hasn’t always had it easy. In an interview, Danni Büchner’s ex (44) now unpacks the downsides.

Ennesto Monté unpacks his dark past

“My brother has been in prison for 15 years,” Ennesto Monté admits to So far he has carried this secret around with him, it is difficult for him to talk about it. “But now I’m addressing the issue in order to process it for myself,” explains the native Serb.

The party hit singer also unpacks the reasons for his brother’s conviction: “He committed several robberies”. Elvis (39) committed the deeds together with friends – in a drug rush. The family did everything to help him, but nothing worked.

Ennesto Montés Bruder fing schon mit 13 Jahrn mit Drogen an

“At the moment he is in prison in Germany, in his sixth year. Before that, he was behind bars in Serbia for 9 years,” explains Ennesto Monté. The family initially did not realize that his brother was using drugs. The first time was at the age of 13.

“He stole money from us and even pawned my father’s €50,000 Mercedes to fund his drugs. He even attacked my father with a knife,” says the 47-year-old from those dark times. The TV actor can currently be seen on “Das Große Promi-Büßen”, where Ennesto Monté flirted heavily with Giselle Oppermann.

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