NewsDead vaccinator Kellermayr: memorial desecrated - eyewitness films crime

Dead vaccinator Kellermayr: memorial desecrated – eyewitness films crime

Created: 08/07/2022 12:56 p.m

Mourners set up a memorial for the late Austrian vaccinator Lisa-Maria Kellermayr. This was destroyed by a woman early Saturday morning.

Vienna – On July 29, 2022, the vaccinator Lisa-Maria Kellermayr was found dead in Upper Austria. The preliminary autopsy results confirm that it was a suicide.

The doctor involved in the fight against the corona virus was apparently also driven to do this by the massive death threats to which she had been exposed for months from the scene of the opponents of the measures. Investigations are now underway in both Austria and Germany, where the apartment of a 59-year-old man was searched in the Starnberg district on Friday (5 August 2022).

Vaccination doctor Lisa-Maria Kellermayr: woman desecrate memorial at St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna

Lisa-Maria Kellermayr’s suicide made waves, even the German government was dismayed. A memorial was set up for the dedicated doctor at St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna. But now a shocking act not only moves the inhabitants of the Austrian capital.

Early on Saturday morning, a woman desecrated Lisa-Maria Kellermayr’s place of remembrance. The perpetrator approached the place with purposeful steps and with several kicks destroyed candles, flowers and lanterns that the mourners had put down. The woman then fled.

However, an eyewitness recorded the outrage and leaked it to the district newspaper. The recordings will probably lead to further investigations in connection with Kellermayr. The background to the act is still unclear, as is whether the perpetrator is an opponent of vaccination and whether the destruction was planned beforehand.

Vaccine doctor Lisa-Maria Kellermayr: Mourners renew place of remembrance

But soon after the attack, calls were made on social media to restore the memorial to Lisa-Maria Kellermayr. Apparently the call was followed. Because at St. Stephen’s Cathedral, numerous candles have been set up and flowers have been laid, as the district newspaper reports.

Do you have suicidal thoughts or have you noticed them in a relative/acquaintance? Help is available from the telephone counseling service: anonymous advice is available around the clock on the free numbers 0800 / 111 0 111 and 0800 / 111 0 222. Internet advice is also available at

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