NewsDeath of Queen Elizabeth II: latest news live

Death of Queen Elizabeth II: latest news live

Penélope Cruz also wants to direct

Many actresses flirt with the director's chair. The Spanish Oscar winner Penélope Cruz is no exception.

Evil "summer cottage" curse? These couples split after the show

Various celebrity couples compete to become celebrity couple of the year at the "Summer House of the Stars". But not every relationship lasted after the show:

Far from back

After the holiday, everyday life often catches up with us faster than we would like. But what is it like when you have been on the road for months or even years? Uta C. Nabert on the difficulties of getting back home

Tram was hidden in a shaft under the ground for years

For several decades, an old tram stood hidden in a shaft in Bonn. Now the railway has been brought back into the light of day.

Autumn weather: no more rain, now it's golden October

The nasty weather is over for the time being, because now an Indian summer is probably coming. Read here how the weather will be this week: