EntertainmentCelebritiesDemi Lovato declares herself to be gender non-binary

Demi Lovato declares herself to be gender non-binary

Through a video posted on her official Instagram account, the American singer and actress revealed to her followers some changes she is going through and affirms that she continues to learn about herself every day.

Pop star Demi Lovato announced Wednesday that she is considered gender non-binary and will begin using the pronoun “They,” which in Spanish corresponds to “elle,” saying the decision is the result of “a lot of healing and self-reflection work.”

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“I am still learning and getting to know myself, and I do not pretend to be an expert or to be a spokesperson. Sharing this with you now opens up another level of vulnerability for me, ”wrote on social media Lovato, who rose to fame after working as an actress for the Disney Channel.

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“I am doing this for those who have not been able to share who they really are with their loved ones. Please continue to live in your truths and know that I am sending you a lot of love. “

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“Non-binary” is a term used more and more by people who do not identify exclusively as male or female. These people choose the neuter pronoun “they / them” in English, and “elle / ellx” in Spanish.

Lovato, 28, who made it through hits like “Sorry Not Sorry,” has used social media before to share her struggles for her mental health, including depression, eating disorders and addiction.

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In a recent documentary he also detailed how he was raped as a teenager. In 2018, he faced a near-fatal fentanyl overdose that caused brain damage and partial blindness.

On her most recent album, “Dancing with the Devil … The Art of Starting Over,” Lovato conveys much of that trauma, delving into themes that include sobriety.

Some songs on the album also show a certain concern regarding their gender nonconformity.

What is the non-binary gender, with which Demi Lovato identifies?

The singer Demi Lovato publishes a video where she confesses to feeling like a person of the non-binary gender and that is how she will refer to her from now on.