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Singer: Isabel Pantoja and Kiko Rivera hang the "For Rent" sign

Isabel Pantoja and Kiko Rivera, Paquirrín, have hung the "for rent" sign on their Cantora farm. The tonadillera and her son have had to resort to renting their famous land for events.

The controversy over the sale or rent does not end. Recently, Kiko Rivera's wife assured that "Kiko has not sold Cantora , she has only had one meeting," Irene Rosales pointed out to the Viva la vida program, thus dispelling rumors and ensuring that, for the moment, absolutely nothing had been sold to no one.

«Kiko has many more meetings and she had a meeting to make things a little more serious, because they brought me the papers here and that's it. The lawyers have been talking, but Kiko wanted to meet in person. The last I know is that Kiko sent the request, they handed it over to Isabel ”, Irene Rosales continued, confessing that the only objective of Kiko Rivera is that everything is solved as soon as possible and in the best possible way.

Now, it seems that mother and son have reached an agreement to put the famous farm for rent.

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