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They reveal the story of Professor Jirafales' "Ta ta ta ta" in "El Chavo del 8"

Behind one of the most famous phrases of the character, the actor revealed in an interview the inspiration to make her part of the teacher of El chavo del 8.

Professor Jirafales (Inocencio Jirafales, Rubén Aguirre Jirafales or the “maistro” Longaniza), was characterized by being an arrogant, vain character and always looking to conquer Doña Florinda Corcuera (Florinda Meza). Rubén Aguirre passed away in 2016, but his characters and legacy marked the history of Chespirito. His character as a teacher in Chavo del 8 is one of the most remembered.

Perhaps the most famous phrase was that of “ta ta ta ta ta”, every time he said it, the public knew that it was synonymous with anger on the part of the character. However, very little is known where it comes from. It was recently known through a video on Tik Tok, that Rubén Aguirre spoke of where he was inspired.

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The actor took it from one of a professor who said it, but in a more leisurely and intoned way. He chose to charge her with strength and energy and with a faster and altered pace to challenge his students.

Aguirre was the ground pole of “El chavo del 8”. Professor Jirafales was the connection to the real world and his appearance obeyed a basic need.

At first I did not participate in the program, but Roberto saw so many children that he felt the need to start a school. All those children couldn’t be out there, and when he created the school, he called me, ”said Rubén Aguirre in 2014, during an interview with Radio Nacional de Colombia a few days after the death of Robeto Gómez Bolaños.

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“The Gómez citizen”, “The square table”, “Los caquitos” and “Los chifladitos” were some of the programs with which Aguirre gave rise to his acting career. The actor died in Puerto Vallarta, at the age of 82, due to pulmonary complications and after suffering from diabetes for several years that worsened his medical condition.

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