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Luna Baxter and her role without stereotypes

The actress, who has been part of productions such as “Tarde met him” and “La ley secreta”, talks about her character as Silvia in “La reina del flow 2”, which she describes as an empowered, strong and mysterious woman.

How did you get offered to be part of the cast of “La reina del flow”?

The casting of La reina del flow came to me at the end of 2019 and precisely at that moment I was in search of new horizons. I had gone to Mexico to expand professionally there, and I did the test the day before the trip, I had my head more in the suitcase than in anything else. Then they called me on my return trip to Colombia to give me the news that he had stayed.

Why did you decide to participate in the series?

I accepted because it seems to me that the production has a fresh language that makes the youth audience have a reason to connect to television. We know that they have more and more options for platforms and other media to see entertainment, but I feel that it was a very good idea to launch a program like this, with such a fresh and youthful theme.

Tell us a little about your character in “The queen of flow.”

I love my character Silvia, because it shows a woman in a very masculine world and breaks many stereotypes … she is empowered, strong, cunning, she has many universes and the fact that she is so mysterious makes her interesting and very cool to interpret .

How was your process to build Silvia’s personality?

Since the writing, it is the first time that it happens to me that, when I read the script, I was not very clear about where the character was going, unlike others I have interpreted, where the dimensions and descriptions indicate that a bit; but Silvia had very few and I feel like that gave me a lot of freedom to imagine where she was going, and I wanted the audience to keep that mystery. The construction of the character is born from there, from the mystery … to count as little as possible so that that surprise effect also exists in the public.

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What are the qualities and defects that you recognize the most about Silvia?

I think her qualities are her strength and her courage. Her flaw is love, because many times that can divert her from her goals and make her sacrifice more than necessary. That’s her Achilles heel, because she does things she shouldn’t so Charlie doesn’t look bad with the DEA, and I think the public is wondering right now what Silvia is planning. What I like is that you do not see it so clearly, but later you will understand that it is love.

Before being part of “La reina del flow”, had you been familiar with the environment and urban movements?

It is a world that I really like, I love urban culture and music, I feel that I am not the most expert, and even less so now, that going out on the streets because of the pandemic is very complicated. I am a big fan of the urban genre, and it impresses me that very interesting things are happening with this world in Medellín, there is a tremendous musical and cultural boom that goes far beyond the artists we recognize. We know that J Balvin and Maluma exist, but at this moment in the streets of Medellín wonderful things are happening.

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How was your relationship with the cast?

It was very welcoming and, contrary to what I imagined, because it was already a project that had an established success. I thought it was going to be more complicated for the new characters, but it wasn’t. The success of the series is also that one does not feel an imbalance between the old characters and the new ones. The protagonists are very good human beings. Contrary to what happens in the series, I get along very well with Carolina Ramírez. Respect on set for me is fundamental and in bed scenes Carlos Torres was very respectful, a thousand points in behavior for him.

How did the pandemic influence the recording of this second season?

It was a washout of cold water for everyone in our personal lives, but we were at a time where we didn’t know if we were going to be able to finish the series. That implied different expenses, now we record differently, but I think Sony put on the shirt and carried out those last months of filming that, of course, were lengthened by the protocols that required a time that was not estimated before. They took great care of us.

In addition to “La reina del flow”, she has been in productions such as “Tarde lo cogní” and “La ley secreta”. How do you prepare to take on those characters?

Each character is unique. For example, Silvia entered me through my voice, but with other roles the opposite happens. The one from Tarde I met him entered me through the locker room. There are other occasions where a character reminds me of the smell of an aunt, and as a result of that I build it. I would believe that the actors are always in a constant search, and that we are beings who must be with the five senses awake, because our imagination mixed with those elements is what allows us to develop our roles. The more awake we are, the more tools we have.

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You have also done film and theater, in which setting do you feel most comfortable?

I enjoy them all because they are radically different. The first thing that I do in a process, beyond seeing my character, is also seeing the language that is being used, because there is cinema that is very theatrical, television that takes elements of the cinema, theater that goes more towards hyper-realism and you feel like you’re making movies. I love the three fields, but the one that I feel is necessary is the theater. After a while I feel like I need to get back to him.

What projects do you have?

Something is coming that I am very excited about. Juanpis González premieres on Netflix. I play the sister and I had a lot of fun because it is a series, but it has a very theatrical language, and I had never done comedy in front of a camera. That makes me very happy because it is a project in which one can say more things that go hand in hand with an artistic search in which I am.

You can find out every detail of “La reina del flow” by visiting this link: https://www.caracoltv.com/la-reina-del-flow

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