NewsDespite the announcement on "Always Sundays": Stefan Mross not...

Despite the announcement on "Always Sundays": Stefan Mross not at the Giovanni Zarrella concert

Created: 04.10.2022, 06:10 am

Giovanni Zarrella stopped in Munich on September 29 with his “Ciao” tour. Stefan Mross should also be with him on stage, at least that’s how the two agreed on “Always Sundays”. But the pop singer shone with his absence.

Munich – “Ciao” is Giovanni Zarrella’s first solo tour and he has put together something very special for it. With a mixture of good old German Schlager hits and the greatest Italo classics, the hit star delighted the audience on Thursday (September 29, 2022). However, particularly attentive fans noticed that Stefan Mross was missing.

“Munich is agreed”: Giovanni Zarrella wants Stefan Mross as a surprise guest for his tour

We remember: On June 12, 2022, Giovanni Zarrella, one of the greatest German hit stars of all time, was a guest on “Always Again on Sundays”. Before he performed his hit “Un Angelo”, he and Stefan Mross chatted about his upcoming tour. Giovanni Zarrella invited Stefan Mross to be a surprise guest at one of his shows.

Stefan Mross und Giovanni Zarrella am 12. Juni 2022 bei „Immer wieder sonntags“. Giovanni Zarrella während der Generalprobe zur ORF / MDR Unterhaltungsshow Die Gartenparty der Stars am 28.04.2022 in den Kittenberger Erlebnisgärten in Langenlois. (Fotomontage)
Giovanni Zarrella gave his Munich concert on September 29th. Stefan Mross should also be with him on stage, but the pop singer shone with his absence. (Photomontage) © Screenshot ARD/Always Sundays & IMAGO/STAR-MEDIA

“I’m coming in Munich,” says Stefan Mross, totally enthusiastic. The two hit stars hit and Giovanni Zarrella is happy: “Yes, Munich is agreed”. For the joint concert in the Bavarian capital, Stefan Mross even wanted to learn Italian. “We can also sing a duet, Italian – German,” is Giovanni Zarrella’s counter-suggestion.

Announced on “Always Sundays”: Stefan Mross not at the Giovanni Zarrella concert

But the two hit stars don’t seem to have taken their agreement that seriously. Because on September 29, 2022 the time had finally come and Giovanni Zarrella gave his concert in Munich. There was something for every taste. From hot Latin songs to boy band hits and good old hits. After almost three hours, Giovanni Zarrella says goodbye to his fans, but Stefan Mross not a trace.

Were there any scheduling difficulties or could Stefan Mross not come for private reasons? We have asked the management of Stefan Mross and Giovanni Zarrella, but have not yet received an answer. But even without Stefan Mross, the fans of Giovanni Zarrella were enthusiastic.

One moment is particularly memorable. Because Giovanni Zarrella cares about his fans. So important that he even interrupts his concert in Munich and personally accepts a fan gift. The fact that the pop star takes so much time for his audience is of course really appreciated at Circus Krone. Sources used: concert visit on September 29, 2022 in Munich

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