NewsDespite the cancellation: clubs are not yet giving up...

Despite the cancellation: clubs are not yet giving up Carnival 2022 in Cologne

The Cologne Carnival has to be canceled again. But the 2022 session should not be canceled entirely. The companies are currently looking for alternatives.

Cologne – Also in the 2022 session, the Cologne Carnival * threatens to fall into the water. It is already certain that the meeting carnival cannot take place as planned. The reason: the coronavirus *. But the traditional societies do not let themselves get down – even if “the carnival heart is bleeding”, as the traditional corps Treuer Husar * explains.
24RHEIN * reveals how the Cologne Carnival should take place despite many cancellations.

"We are working flat out on concepts that enable a safe continuation of our beloved customs", promise the Jecken from Cologne * further. And the other traditional companies are also full of energy. (jw) * 24RHEIN is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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