FunDestroy a € 22 million lottery ticket

Destroy a € 22 million lottery ticket

What would happen if you destroyed a € 22 million winning lottery ticket in the washing machine? This is what happened to a woman in California this week. He had the winning SuperLotto Plus ticket, the California State Lottery, that he had bought in a store in a suburb of Norwalk (Los Angeles). Thursday, May 13, was the last day to redeem the price, but no one did. . The employee of the establishment, Esperanza Hernández, has spoken with the newspaper ‘Whittier Daily News’ and has explained that on Wednesday a woman appeared in the store saying that she had kept the lottery ticket awarded with 22 million euros and that she had destroyed it in the washing machine unintentionally, according to La Razón. For his part, the store manager has spoken with KTLA-TV and explained that the surveillance video shows the woman buying the ticket and that, in addition, the employees know her because she is a regular customer. The manager handed over a copy of the surveillance video to those responsible for the SuperLotto Plus so that the woman did not lose the prize. The claim is now pending investigation, as detailed by California lottery spokeswoman Cathy Johnston. According to the rules, if someone thinks they are a winner of a prize they have to fill out a claim form. However, if someone loses a ticket, as is the case, they have to provide proof that they are the owner, attaching, for example, a photograph of the front and back of the ticket.The winning numbers were: 23, 36, 12, 31, 13 and the mega number 10. The prize is 26 million dollars, 22 million euros to change. To collect it, there are two options:a one-time cash payment of $ 19.7 million or the full prize of $ 26 million in annual installments. In addition, the store that sold the ticket will receive $ 130,000. Incredible as it may seem, this is not the first time something like this has happened. Rachel Kennedy and Liam McCrohan, a British couple, lost 210 million euros from the EuroMillions draw due to an error in the payment of the bet. Although they had the correct combination, they did not collect the 210 million euros because they made the bet through the Internet.

Destroy the € 22 million winning ticket by washing it inside pants

A woman could lose $ 26 million by destroying the winning California lottery ticket when she put it to launder.