AutoDictators and their cars

Dictators and their cars

We all have in mind the lavish parades where the accidental cars that carried them to the dictators became protagonists.

And what at first was just a moving tool on battlefields and parades soon became one of the most effective displays of power and superiority with his lackeys.

As we will now see, each dictator acted or acts according to his wishes and tastes. I have always thought that the most pathetic images that we have seen throughout history are those in which dictators tried to resemble the entrenched Royal Houses , triumphal parades, pallium waddle walks, etc.

And, of course, the car has also played a leading role in those staging.

We are going to take a bird's eye view by focusing on their cars and justifying this article on the historical role that these cars have played and continue to play.

Many of them are exposed and even continue to be used.

We begin.

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