NewsDid BibisBeautyPalace have an accident? Fans discover injury in...

Did BibisBeautyPalace have an accident? Fans discover injury in new photo

Created: 8/5/2022 1:36 p.m

Fotocollage: Bibi Claßen zeigt sich wieder auf Instagram – allerdings mit einer Wunde am Arm. (rechts) Links: Spiegelselfie Bibi.
Bibi Claßen shows up again on Instagram – but with a wound on his arm. © Screenshots Instagram/mcm0na and Instagram/bibisbeautypalace

BibisBeautyPalace hasn’t been on social media for a long time. Now her best friend published a picture together. But Bibi has a graze on his arm.

Cologne – Since the separation of Bibi Claßen and Julian, YouTuber BibisBeautyPalace has become relatively quiet. Both she and Julian confirmed their separation via Instagram, followed by a few bikini pictures and then – nothing. Silence. It almost seems like Bibi is taking a break away from the public eye while Ex Julienco is currently enjoying life in Dubai with his new girlfriend Tanja Makaric.

BibisBeautyPalace gives a sign of life on the internet

The only thing one could speculate about: Bibi Claßen is happy with her former sales manager Timothy Hill. At least if you want to believe the many kissing pictures that have been made public. But there haven’t been any of those for a long time either. BibisBeautyPalace has now appeared online again, as part of an Instagram story with her best friend Mona.

Das besagte Reel: Bibi und Freundin Mona stoßen miteinander an. Auf Bibis Arm ist eine Verletzung zu sehen.
Said reel: Bibi and girlfriend Mona toast each other. An injury can be seen on Bibi’s arm. © Screenshot Instagram/mcm0na

The two women spent the evening together, showing off their outfits and toasting together. In the reel that shows Bibi and Mona with the wine glasses in their hands, there is another detail on Bianca Classen’s arm that catches the eye. There is a red spot on her right elbow. A new tattoo? No, it appears to be a graze.

BibisBeautyPalace with an arm injury: did she have an accident?

The clearly visible injury raises the question: did BibisBeautyPalace have an accident? In the picture together with her friend, she hid a bit behind, but she seems to be fine. Bibi himself did not comment on this, nor did he publish anything about the evening. There is still silence on her Instagram account, according to “” the influencer and YouTuber worth millions cannot currently be booked for cooperation.

Julienco, on the other hand, has long since returned to day-to-day business. Julian also recently advertised his new girlfriend Tanja on Instagram. Sources used :;;

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