NewsDie Ärzte - the best band in the world

Die Ärzte – the best band in the world

Created: 09/13/2022, 2:01 p.m

The rock & pop band “Die Ärzte” have been an integral part of the German music scene since 1988. Bela B., Farin Urlaub and Rodrigo González have been delighting their numerous fans for over 30 years.

Farin Urlaub (l.), Bela B (m.) und Rodrigo Gonzalez (r.) von der Band „Die Ärzte“
1 / 12 Farin Urlaub (left), Bela B (middle) and Rodrigo Gonzalez (right) from the band “Die Ärzte”. © Jörg Steinmetz/dpa
Frontmann und Sänger der Band: Farin Urlaub.
2 / 12 Front man and singer of the band: Farin Urlaub. © snapshot/imago
Bela B. von „Die Ärzte“ beim Southside-Festival
3 / 12 Bela B. (real name Dirk Felsenheimer) from the punk rock band “Die Ärzte”, sings in 2009 at the Southside Festival in Neuhausen ob Eck. He is also the band’s drummer. © Patrick Seeger/dpa
Rodrigo Gonzalez von den ärzten
4 / 12 Rodrigo González is bassist and guitarist in the German punk rock band. © Pop-Eye/imago
„Ab 18“-Album der Punkband „Die Ärzte“
5 / 12 “Ab 18” is the latest and third mini album by the punk band. The song “Geschwisterliebe” on it is still on the list of media harmful to young people. © Jens Kalaene/dpa
Die Ärzte auf dem Open-Air-Festival Rock‘n‘Heim 2013
6 / 12 The German punk rock band “Die Ärzte” performs at the Hockenheimring at the open-air festival Rock’n’Heim in Hockenheim (Baden-Württemberg) on 2013. 40,000 visitors attended the performance. © Uwe Anspach/dpa
Farin Urlaub beim Tourstart 2022 in Hannover
7 / 12 Farin Urlaub from the band “Die Ärzte” is on stage at the opening concert of their “Buffalo Bill in Rome Tour 2022”. © Moritz Frankenberg/dpa
Die Ärzte spielen auf dem Jamen rockt den Förster Festival - Rock gegen rechts.
8 / 12 The Berlin punk rock band Die Ärzte, Farin Urlaub (lr), Bela B and Rod Gonzales, are on stage at the open-air music festival “Jamel rockt den Förster” – rock against the right. © Axel Heimken/dpa
Die Ärzte lesen ihre Biographie 2001 in Berlin vor
9 / 12 A picture from earlier times: In 2001, the doctors read out their biography “An oversized guinea pig eats up the earth” at the Cinestar cinema in Berlin. © Pop-Eye/imago
Bela B. (l) und Farin Urlaub (r.) von der Punkrock-Band Die Ärzte singen.
10 / 12 Bela B. (l) and Farin Urlaub (r.) from the punk rock band Die Ärzte sing. © Kirsten Neumann/dpa
Die Ärzte eröffnen „Tagesthemen“
11 / 12 The members of the rock group Die Ärzte, Farin Urlaub (2nd from left to right), Bela B. and Rodrigo Gonzalez, open the ARD news program “Tagsthemen” with a mini appearance alongside moderator Ingo Zamperoni (left). During the unusual performance, the Berlin band appealed to politicians not to forget the cultural industry in the Corona crisis. © Screenshot/dpa
Die Ärzte mit einem Auftritt 2004 in der Berliner Waldbühne.
12 / 12 Die Ärzte with a performance in 2004 in the Berlin Waldbühne. © Pop-Eye/imago

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