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Diego Boneta and Moët & Chandon: positive noise for Mexican cinema

The entertainment industry is one of the most prosperous in these times, on a global scale. Just as confinement boosted ecommerce , the same thing happened with series and movie platforms, podcasts and video games. That is why supporting the development of this activity and making it accessible to new talent is a fundamental factor that few have noticed. Up to now.

Among those who have not only noticed this opportunity but have already set to work to make it happen are Diego Boneta —actor and producer— and Moët Hennessy México, through its legendary Moët & Chandon brand. The initiative is called Toast for a Cause and seeks to detect and promote Mexican talent in productions that will have international projection.

The initiative is divided into two phases, Boneta explained. It will take place at the Film School of the University of Guadalajara, during 2022. There, the champagne brand will finance a short film program and give students the opportunity to film, for the first time, in professional conditions.

The dissemination and premiere of these short films will be through presentations at international festivals such as Berlin, San Sebastian, Vancouver and Toronto, as well as at national festivals such as Guadalajara, Morelia, Guanajuato, Monterrey and DocsDF.

At the same time, two of the best averages, recently graduated from that faculty of the UDG, will work on the new production by Diego Boneta. This is the project entitled “At Midnight”, a romantic comedy that will be shot in Mexico at the end of January 2022, directed by Michel Franco -director of “New Order” and “After Lucía”, among other films- and the producers from “La La Land”. It is for Paramount+, the digital platform of the homonymous film production company.

“We are forming a very fortunate triangle between Mexican talent, Hollywood and entertainment for Latin America,” Diego Boneta said in an interview. “And the only purpose is to help each other, promote the region’s talent,” he said.

Carlos Pechieu, general director of Moët Hennessy Mexico noted that generosity is not only one of the brand values that Moët & Chandon has been implementing for years, but it is also a principle of reciprocity with the Mexican market: “It is our way to say thank you”, he highlighted during the interview.

Talent hotbeds are common in industries such as technology or entrepreneurs from various careers. It is important to include the creative industry in these impulses, not only because of how much it contributes to society, but also because it is in one of its best moments. All this is condensed in the Toast for a Cause campaign, which is taking place for the first time in Mexico, with the Moët & Chandon label and the executive and charismatic drive of Diego Boneta.

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