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Dinosaurs were cold too

dino-plumasA team of paleontologists from France and China has shown thatduring part of the Lower Cretaceous, temperatures were colder than previously assumedUntil now, which implies that in the age of dinosaurs the climate was not always warm.

The paleontologists authors of the study determined the temperatures of the timefrom fossils of dinosaurs, crocodiles, turtles and fish from deposits in northeast China, in the Dabeigou, Yixian and Jiufotang formations -Jehol group-, as well as in Japan and Thailand, according to the magazineProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences(PNAS) in its latest edition.

The scientists analyzed the isotopic composition of oxygen in each of the samples and reconstructed the air temperature and living conditions of the dinosaurs of the Early Cretaceous in Asia. The results show that the average temperatures of that period were very similar to those recorded today at equivalent latitudes, so that the Jehol fauna lived undera moderate cold climate characterized by “harsh winters”.

During this period, cold-blooded animals had to hibernate, while warm-blooded animals such as mammals, birds, and dinosaurs took advantage of their fur and plumage to maintain their activity in winter. “These results do not prove at all that the feathers arose with an insulating role, but they assume thatthe plumage was to give the dinosaurs of the Jehol a physiological advantagewith respect to his contemporaries with scales “, explains Romain Amiot, scientist at the French CNRS and co-author of the work.


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