EconomyDiscover a new way of talking about money

Discover a new way of talking about money

With a premiere episode every Tuesday, The Money Night Show-Expansión has shown that it is possible to break taboos to talk about financial issues, without formality or elaborate terms.

Out loud, the protagonists of the business and business world, as well as entrepreneurs and influencers , talk about their experience and the way in which they have managed to face current challenges.

This is a recount of the interviews that Moris Dieck, a business strategy and personal finance consultant, conducted during the first seven episodes of the program.

What they never told you about money

In this broadcast, Moris Dieck interviewed the feminist activist, Jéssica Fernández, about the financial education that women in Mexico receive. Similarly, they addressed the issue of savings and investments, as well as female empowerment.

For his part, Francisco Alanís, founder of, recalled the path traveled to turn his blog into a digital information medium, with a business model that currently employs 40 people.

Reactivate your SME

In his participation in the second episode, an executive representative of American Express highlighted the renewing energy of Mexican micro and small entrepreneurs, whose importance for the national economy is appreciated by generating 61% of the Gross Domestic Product.

Therefore, he pointed out that having a financial partner like American Express provides enough momentum for businesses to continue in the so-called “new normal.”

During the following interview, singer Mariana Ochoa recounted her experience as a businesswoman with a chain of costume stores, venturing into online sales as a result of the pandemic, and as a concert organizer.

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From microbusiness to unicorn

In the third episode of The Money Night Show-Expansión, Felipe Delgado, co-founder and CFO of Merama, explained the strategy that has led them to become the new Mexican unicorn, specializing in e-commerce.

And to talk about building a personal brand in the field of entertainment, the actor and influencer , Rojstar, recounted the strategy he has followed to create content on various platforms.

super restaurants

In this matter, Dieck interviewed the chef, restaurateur and historian, Gabriela Cámara, whom “Time” magazine included in the list of the 100 most influential people of 2020.

In addition, the sisters Pamela and Andrea Berrondo spoke about their experience as initiators of the Mesa Sana digital platform, whose boom arose as a result of the pandemic, driven by a passion for cooking and nutrition.

Ecommerce: more than just selling

Electronic commerce was the common thread of the fifth broadcast of the program, with the participation of Juan Lombana, named by Google as one of the best digital marketers in the world and Carolina Perdomo, vice president of One Salesforce, Account Development and SME of American Express Mexico .

In his speech, Perdomo reaffirmed that SMEs can find in American Express an ally with great experience to guide them in their e-commerce strategy, as well as an advisor for the best decision-making in their financing, short or long term.

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Wellness in organizations

Well-being and mental health are also priorities for companies, which even show results in the productivity of their employees and their sense of belonging. This was the topic discussed by Laila Chartuni, president of TOP Companies Mexico, and the psychologist, Adrián Salama.

Regarding the Super Companies Ranking, carried out in conjunction with Expansión , Chartuni explained that this allows them to understand organizations from the perspective of the collaborator, in addition to being a reference framework for leaders to understand their daily work.

New business models

Is it possible to live from a podcast? This is the question that Moris posed to Diego Barrazas, creator of Dementes podcast, who explained how he established his business model and listed the main mistakes made when entering this format.

And to close the topic of new business models, the entrepreneur Maricarmen Herrerías participated with the success story of a startup focused on the hospitality segment: Casai.

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