EconomyFinancialWhat are the tax regimes for individuals in Mexico?

What are the tax regimes for individuals in Mexico?

What is a tax regime and what are they? For tax purposes, it is necessary to define whether a taxpayer will carry out their economic activities as a natural person or as a legal entity. In each case it has different requirements and tax treatment. Below we explain which ones are aimed at natural persons and what each one consists of.

What is a tax regime and a natural person?

The tax regime is a set of credits to which a citizen becomes creditor from carrying out a specific economic activity. Depending on your activities and the income you receive in a given time, you can find yourself in one of them.

Meanwhile, a natural person is an individual who carries out any economic activity (seller, merchant, employee, professional, etc.), who has rights and obligations. Regimes for Natural Persons are classified according to their activities and income.

Wages and salaries

Employees are people hired by one or more employers, also known as employers, who assign them a series of activities during their working day, pay them an amount of money periodically and grant them certain benefits, this payment is also known as salary. or salary.

Simplified trust regime

Individuals who only carry out business or professional activities or grant the temporary use or enjoyment of goods may register, provided that the totality of their own income from the activity or activities, obtained in the immediately preceding fiscal year, does not exceed the amount of three million five hundred thousand pesos.

Regime of business and professional activities

Individuals who obtain income from commercial activities (restaurants, cafeterias, schools, pharmacies, etc.), industrial activities (mining, textiles and footwear, pharmaceuticals, construction), disposal of goods, motor transport, regardless of the amount of the income may be taxed. income they receive. As well as those individuals who provide professional services (doctors, lawyers, accountants, dentists, etc.)

  • Moral person: It is the set of natural persons, who come together for the realization of a collective purpose, they are entities created by law, they do not have a material or corporeal reality (they cannot be touched as such as in the case of a natural person). ), however, the law grants them legal capacity to have rights and obligations.

Business activities with income through technological platforms

This scheme facilitates and simplifies the fulfillment of their tax obligations, by having the option that the technological platforms permanently withhold the ISR and VAT and pay them directly to the SAT, in this way they will no longer make the monthly declarations, by virtue of that the withholdings made by the technological platform have the character of final payment.

In order for them to choose to consider the withholding of taxes made by the technology platform as a final payment, their income for the year must not exceed 300,000 pesos (including salaries and interest).

Leasing regime

You must pay taxes under the Leasing Regime if you are the owner of real estate such as a house, building, apartment, commercial premises, land or warehouse and you authorize other people to use it for an established time and purpose in exchange for a periodic amount of money (rent).

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