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It's that easy: those who pay by credit and debit card will participate in the Good End 2022 draw

The Tax Administration Service ( SAT ) announced that in the most recent edition of the El Buen Fin Draw , 500 million pesos will be distributed between consumers and companies.

The draw, which will take place on December 9, seeks to encourage payment with credit and debit cards, as well as to promote the formality of those who offer their products and services during the four days of offers and discounts, from November 28 to 21 2022.

This year there will be two major prizes: one for the consumer of 250,000 pesos and another of 260,000 pesos for registered establishments.

There will also be more than 326,247 prizes for a total amount of 500 million pesos; 400 million pesos to be distributed among consumers and 100 million among participating businesses.

The prizes will be awarded with a direct deposit to the winning card and the winning merchant’s account, respectively.

Prizes and how to enter

Companies that want to participate have until November 17 to register on the Good End page.

Businesses must have their active tax mailbox and a positive compliance opinion, explained Andrea Hernández, administrator of SAT taxpayer services.

The notice to participate in the draw must also be presented on the Tax Administration Service Page, no later than 10 days before November 18, when El Buen Fin begins. It is a free procedure.

Consumers do not have to carry out any paperwork, they only have to make their payments with credit and debit cards from participating banks for a minimum amount of 250 pesos in registered businesses.

Will El Buen Fin be able to stop inflation?

If it wants to be successful, the sales season of El Buen Fin 2022 must have very attractive offers and discounts to make Mexicans consume and beat inflation.

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