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Good End 2022: The sales season will be from November 18 to 21

The sales season returns and the 12th edition of Buen Fin 2022 will take place from November 18 to 21 .

The new head of Economy, Raquel Buenrostro , said that this year, consumers will find promotions and discounts on thousands of products and services.

In addition to encouraging consumption to reactivate the economy, the Good End will seek to promote formality and compliance with tax obligations.

Secretary Buenrostro pointed out that, since 2018, the foundations were laid for an economy with fair growth and a level playing field “so that those who have less also participate.”

It also recommended that potential buyers consume responsibly and officially declared the registration period open for establishments that want to participate in one of the most important discount seasons.

During his speech, Héctor Tejada, president of the Concanaco-Servytur, said that a Good End application is already available, where in addition to establishments and offers, consumers will have access to “Who is who in prices” of the Federal Attorney’s Office of the Consumer (Prophet).

The head of said dependency, Ricardo Sheffield, stressed that the operation is already being carried out to verify that businesses do not increase the prices of the 450 products that are sold the most in this period.

Profeco will install 147 modules and 38 offices in the country, as well as a module at the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA).

El Buen Fin “democratizes the participation of all companies in our country,” Tejada stressed, noting that these days of offers allow businesses and companies of all sizes to take advantage of this window to offer their products and services.

2022 tax draw

This year, the SAT draw continues to include consumers and businesses. Andrea Hernández, SAT taxpayer services administrator, explained that the tax draw will take place on December 9 .

The registration of businesses for the draw will be done on the Good End page. The establishments must have an active tax mailbox and a positive compliance opinion.

Consumers should only use their wallets from participating banks for minimum purchases of 250 pesos in registered businesses.

The biggest prize for consumers will be 250,000 pesos and 260,000 pesos for establishments, explained Hernández from the SAT; in addition to distributing 500 million pesos between businesses and buyers.

Vicente Yáñez, leader of ANTAD, called for card payments in department stores to be included in the SAT draw.

Will El Buen Fin be able to stop inflation?

If it wants to be successful, the sales season of El Buen Fin 2022 must have very attractive offers and discounts to make Mexicans consume and beat inflation.

It's that easy: those who pay by credit and debit card will participate in...

To encourage consumption and formality, this year consumers and establishments will be able to participate in the tenth edition of the El Buen Fin Draw.

El Buen Fin returns to its 4-day format, with an optional face mask and...

This edition will be held from November 18 to 21 and businesses are already getting ready to receive 27 million customers per day.

This is how you can register your business for El Buen Fin 2022

The bidding season will take place from November 18 to 21, and the registration of companies will begin before the end of this month.

When is the Good End 2022 in Mexico?

The Good End 2022 already has a date. Learn about the details of the sales campaign, which involves several stores with promotions and discounts.