FunDisney could fight piracy with a blockchain-based system

Disney could fight piracy with a blockchain-based system

Disney could fight piracy with a blockchain-based system. The millionaire company is not willing to let its new movie releases end up being “victims” of download portals so it is increasing its efforts to prevent it. Disney prepares to combat piracy The news has been revealed by the blog TorrentFreak. Apparently, Disney would be ready to drive piracy by adopting a new approach to the distribution of its content, especially its films: the blockchain. In this way, the popular entertainment and entertainment company hopes to make it more difficult for pirates to intercept content that reaches theaters. A new patent filed by Disney, called “Blockchain Configuration for Secure Content Delivery,” has provided information on this system. As we show in the diagram below, it focuses on the distribution of content in cinemas. Disney’s idea is to implement and validate the process of distributing its content using the blockchain network: »unlike the previous configurations, the blockchain configuration verifies that the content is received at the intended destination before allowing playback ‘. The blockchain, in fact, will validate the content before starting the reproduction: in this way it is practically useless to steal it since it would not be possible to see it and there was no reproduction beyond the legal or allowed reproduction system.However, this main effort that Disney is willing to implement in order to protect its movie premieres has another main characteristic since the blockchain configuration has an automated control mechanism that tracks the reproduction of content at the destination to ensure that the number of views is accurately recorded. Therefore, it is entirely possible to prevent piracy since it is possible to record the reproductions and avoid those that go outside the margins or the amount that has been established for each content.Disney in the license that you have registered for this new The system refers only to cinemas and projectors, but in the margin it is noted that the patent also applies to “other playback environments”, such as streaming, so perhaps it could also end up being applied to content on its Disney Plus platform As always in these cases, the fact that Disney has received the patent does not prove that it will be implemented shortly, although it is working on it and it seems that they are determined to get out of the “game” of piracy.