NewsDJ Felix Jaehn on his way to the “liberating”...

DJ Felix Jaehn on his way to the “liberating” coming-out

As a teenager, the music producer did not dare to come out. He made up for that a little later – and had a good experience with the step.

Berlin – The music producer Felix Jaehn (27) describes his coming out three and a half years ago as incredibly liberating.

“Because I have finally shared the secret that I have kept for so long with the world and has been accepted for who I am. I am happy that I have a friend and that I can simply live and love freely, ”said Jaehn to the German press agency.

The DJ (“Ain’t Nobody”, “Cheerleader”), who discussed their lives with celebrities in his new podcast “Breathe”, spoke publicly about his bisexuality for the first time in 2018. For a long time he was afraid of being rejected. “I grew up in the country. In school, family or the environment there was no one who was openly gay, lesbian or anything like that. So there were no role models, ”explained the musician from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

“Then there are jokes or expressions like” fagot “in the school yard or on the soccer team. If you are 14 or 15, you are still unsure yourself and notice that your environment evaluates it negatively, it is very difficult to stand up and say: “I am one too”. “

This Monday, the queer community around the world celebrates Coming-Out Day. In doing so, society should also be informed about why it can still be difficult today to be open about one’s sexuality and identity. dpa

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