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"Do I see Boris again": Oliver Pocher and his father laugh at Boris Becker in prison

Created: 08/12/2022, 07:10 am

Oliver Pocher schaut erregt, Boris Becker niedergeschlagen
Boris Becker falls victim to Oliver Pocher’s taunts again and again. © Screenshot/RTL+ & IMAGO / ZUMA Wire

Oliver Pocher and his father Gerd are drawn to Great Britain for “Pocher and Papa Traveling”. He does not visit Boris Becker, who is currently serving his sentence in London. The comedian still finds reason to mock the tennis pro.

Oliver Pocher (44) and his dad Gerd (72) are going on a men’s trip together. In Great Britain, the father-son team is having a good time, while tennis legend Boris Becker (54) is behind bars near London. The comedian just can’t help it and teases the 54-year-old in the show “Pocher und Papa auf Reisen”.

Oliver Pocher teases Boris Becker

Oliver and Gerd Pocher go on a sightseeing tour together. As they stand in front of Windsor Castle, two huge white buses drive by. “Oh, Boris Becker. He booked a tour. I’m not sure, but at least it looks that way from afar,” remarks Oliver Pocher, laughing. But it shouldn’t stop at this one tip.

At the horse race in Ascot, Oliver Pocher goes one better. He backed the wrong horse and lost a few pounds. But he doesn’t give up and tries his luck again. “And if gambling ruins me, I’ll at least see Boris again,” says Oliver Pocher happily.

Boris Becker is not the only one who is ridiculed by Oliver Pocher

  • On Instagram, he shot Denise Merten because she was advertising chewing gum that was supposed to protect against Corona
  • He criticized Anne Wunsch because she showed her son online just days after his birth
  • And he humiliated Julian Claßen’s new girlfriend online: “Kneel in front of her financier”

That is why Boris Becker is behind bars in England

Boris Becker was sentenced to two and a half years in prison without parole in April 2022 for delaying bankruptcy. As he resides in England, the tennis pro initially began his sentence in Wandsworth Prison. However, he was transferred to Huntercombe Prison at the end of May.

Boris Becker even sued Oliver Pocher from prison for a TV report about him. But the comedian can only laugh about it. Sources used: RTL+/Pocher and Papa traveling

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